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4 Ways to Save $400 This Summer

July 7, 2017Thyme and JOY
Tips on ways to save money this summer that don't have you changing your quality of life. 4 money saving tips for the summer time | Thyme + JOY

Launching a business is scary. Hugely exciting, but scary. The good thing is that now I’ve done this enough times to trust the process and tweak my life in order to keep things in a steady flow.

Since I’ve dropped down to part-time at Whole Foods, the rest of my income is coming from my personal chef clients. When starting out, sometimes this means some months may be leaner than others when it comes to finances and THAT’S OK! I’m a firm believer in doing what it takes to get out of your comfort zone and grow with your passions.

My husband and I thought about the ways we could save some cash this summer while still fully enjoying our lives. That last part is important because living in a scarcity mindset will ultimately land you in a scarcity lifestyle. We like to talk in abundance and living in a world of plenty and it has already done wonders for us.

Here are 4 ways to save $400 this summer without changing your current lifestyle.

4 Ways To Save $400 This Summer

Tips on ways to save money this summer that don't have you changing your quality of life. 4 money saving tips for the summer time | Thyme + JOY

  1. BOOK A WINTER VACATION: personally, I prefer cooler and colder when it comes to the weather and so enjoying a vacation in scorching heat and humidity sounds the furthest thing from relaxing. Especially since we are more of the “explore” than “relax” vacation types. For the most part, we book our vacations during the winter months because of the weather AND because vacations are incredibly cheap on their off-season. Especially right after New Years when everyone is partied out and broke. Look into cruises, flights or even hotel rates pretty much anywhere. You’d be surprised!
  2. TAKE OUT CASH FOR “LUXURY” SPENDING. Luxury spending for us is money that we spend on anything that is not a fixed or variable living cost expense (ie- mortgage, rent, water, gas). This is the money we spend going out to eat or on entertainment or something cool we just had to have. While it’s easy to swipe away on these purchases, we found that taking out the physical cash for these items inherently makes us spend less on these things and make do with what we have. The power of seeing money physically deplete can save you more than you think!
  3. USE SMALL COOKING APPLIANCES: it’s no secret that using as little electricity as possible can save a LOT on your electric bill during the summer. This can be done by programming your thermostat, making sure ALL lights are off when not needed, using ceiling fans to circulate air AND using smaller kitchen appliances. Summer cooking can be mostly done on the grill, toaster oven, instant pot and crockpot. These appliances use little electricity and in turn don’t heat up the house making the A/C work overtime.
  4. MEAL PREP WITH SUMMER PRODUCE: Summer brings such a bounty when it comes to fresh produce. This time of year, fruits and vegetables are so much cheaper when in season and must be utilized! Get at least 3 salads in a week using seasonal produce from farmers markets and making your own dressings. Salads and fruits are a great beach snack to bring with rather than spending $15 on a salad at a local restaurant beach side.

What are some ways you save money during the Summer or throughout the year?

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