Food Blog Side Hustle Income Report | Feb & March 2018

Food Blog Side Hustle Income Report | Feb & March 2018

April 7, 2018Thyme and JOY
Find out how and why I was able to make $18.24 in my very first food blog side hustle income report for February and March of 2018. | Thyme + JOY

Find out how I was able to make $18.24 in February and March of 2018 in my Food Blog Side Hustle. Food Blog Side Hustle Income Report | Feb & March 2018 | Thyme + JOY

Here it is, my very first food blog side hustle income report! If you haven’t read my introduction to my food blog side hustle project, be sure to check it out as I tell you why I have finally decided to focus more on my food blog so I can make a part-time income from square one. This is still daunting even posting about because although I KNOW there is room for everyone, it’s hard to feel like my stuff could be good enough to make a decent side hustle.

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Here are some noteworthy things that happened in February and March:

  • Youtube cancelled all partnerships for those who had less than 1k subscribers: this means that my measly but $10 a month income youtube channels were no longer generating income. I know this pissed a LOT of people off in the YT community, but I understand they have to change and grow. You can’t trust social media! Besides, I was over YT anyway but love having video memories
  • My Whole30 partnership was announced mid march: I am officially a Whole30 approved partner which means you can sign up for my services in Charleston and get meals that are officially approved. The announcement on the Whole30 approved instagram and later in the email newsletter brought about 2000k views and counting to my page and an increase of about 200 instagram followers. I expect my readership and followers to increase in some way as I am working with a couple companies doing recipe development and I am also taking over the Whole30 recipe feed for an entire week in October…. im already shitting my pants… in a good way!
  • I made a controversial post in the Healthy Living World: This year I decided to be more of myself and that included ruffling some feathers in my own community. I spoke out about some healthy living trends that I couldn’t get behind. I got some amazing respect and responses from so many of you who agreed but felt bad saying so. However, I also net a loss of 35 followers and one person blocked me on Instagram. I’m not upset about this because if they didn’t like what I wrote then, they will not like my future musings! Either way, the post did get a decent amount of traffic. Please keep in mind that decent for me means 300+ views right now.
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Blog posts that went live in Feb and March: 8

February Youtube Income: $6.42

February Adsense Income: $2.09

March Amazon Affiliate Income: $1.69

March Adsense Income: $8.04

Hours spent working on the blog: *rips hair out*

Total Feb & March Blog Income: $18.24+ hair

Overall, I feel happy about this right now. I have a thriving personal chef business and this project keeps me creative and working towards something that can be profitable in the future. I’m not sure how much I can increase my blog posts per month without burning out or ruining my marriage, but hopefully I can come up with a system that works! If you have any tips, tricks or info you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it in the comments or email me directly from this post.

Until next month! 

Thyme and JOY is a parnter with the Whole30 Approved program. For more information about the Whole30 reset and Personal chef services in charleston check out these links:

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