Get It Done Workout 2 | Easy Home Workouts | Katie Uhran

Get It Done Workout 2 | Katie Uhran

April 11, 2018Thyme and JOY
I enjoy motivating others to try new things and challenge themselves. Here is another challenging get it done workout featuring Katie Uhran! | Thyme + JOY

Hi friends! I’m going to start sharing some workouts created by my friend Katie. I use the Get It Done workout when I can’t get myself to Orange Theory and have limited time at home and they kick my ass!

Katie also refueled with my Strawberry Caprese salad featuring Saucy Lips strawberry balsamic sauce.

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Time is flying and it is already basically the middle of April. I am loving the longer evenings, the warmer weather, and being able to start running outside without layers. I am one of the few people who does not mind the humidity. Call me crazy, but I just feel healthier…My skin has that dewy glow…It feels good to sweat (okay fine, I’ll admit that the only time I really would rather not look like a hot mess, is when I am actually trying to put on other clothes, besides Lululemon)…And my body just craves big salads, fresh produce, and lighter refreshing meals (I’ve included a deliciously simple salad below by my good friend Valerie for you to try as well). But before we talk about food, let’s talk about a NEW workout!!!

I might be repeating myself, but I love to create workouts! It is fun to put them together and have friends try them out and give me their honest feedback. It is another way for me to get creative, have some fun (yes I consider putting workouts together FUN), and enjoy motivating others to try new things and challenge themselves. With that being said, here is another challenging “GET IT DONE WORKOUT”.

I enjoy motivating others to try new things and challenge themselves. Here is another challenging get it done workout featuring Katie Uhran! | Thyme + JOY

You have completed your get it done workout, you feel AMAZING, you are ready to tackle anything that comes your way, and of course, you need to EAT, because those muscles need to be replenished with all the good stuff. Let’s start talking food and food that is simple, refreshing, healthy, and delicious. Because if you know me, I am all about SIMPLE and easy meals and nowadays, everything gets thrown into a bowl and devoured.

A few weeks ago, I met up with another Charleston foodie, influencer, and chef. Like I said in last weeks post, as I go into my second year here in Charleston, I really want to connect with local businesses and influencers to support them and to ask them to support me. Valerie of Thyme and Joy is one of those people. She’s a Jersey girl. She’s passionate about food, her job, and creating recipes for her clients and blog. And each time we meet up, she brings me food to try. WINNING!!!

Make sure to check out her latest recipe, that is perfect for Spring and Summer. This salad is easy to make and can be eaten for lunch or dinner. Pair it with some grilled chicken, steak, or salmon for added protein and you will be good to go. Bring on that warmer weather and ALLthe big ASS salads!

Strawberry Balsamic Caprese Salad | Thyme + JOY

CHECK OUT: Strawberry Caprese Salad Recipe

Get it done workout featuring Katie Uhran! | Thyme + JOY

Hi, I’m Katie.

I’m a fitness and lifestyle influencer who believes in not saying sorry for being yourself.

When I’m not up to my elbows in workouts and social media, you might find me digging trenches being the cutest part-time plumber’s assistant in the Lowcountry.

Charleston, South Carolina based, New Jersey born and raised, fan of pancakes and bacon and anything involving nut butter.

I love creating content that inspires others to be strong, beautiful, and the real rockstars that they are!

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