Meal Planning For One | Budget Grocery Haul Video

Meal Planning For One | Budget Grocery Haul Video

November 20, 2016Thyme and JOY
Meal Planning Thyme + JOY

Meal Planning For One

It’s been quite a year for us starting with a deployment, and ending on the other side of the country. This summer I was left alone a lot due to my husband leaving on long underways on the submarine. For me, this meant I had to once again get used to having to plan, shop and cook for myself again.

Meal planning for one can be daunting, especially if you hate wasting food like I do, but a good plan written out (on paper for me!) always helps!

In this video, I outline the strategies I use to plan meals, make a shopping list and also give you a sneak peak of my budget grocery haul.

Note: these grocery prices are from the commissary in Hawaii

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