4 Healthy Living Trends I Can’t Get Down With

Right off the bat I must tell you that this post is pretty likely to annoy a few people. I totally get that! I mean beauty, after all, is a controversial topic and there are only a handful of people on the Internet who would, unapologetically, speak about their take on this topic. I get it that everybody wants to improve their appearances, but not all products can help in the process.

Hence, many people resort to cosmetic surgeries. Wondering why? Take, for instance, a product that says it can help in fixing your crooked teeth Would you blindly give in to it? Of course not, because science says that crooked teeth needs going under the knife to fix the problem from the roots. Of course, a product cannot do that, which is why it could be a better idea to opt for a dental implant from Arthur Glosman (a clinic that is known to offer the services of a reputed Beverly Hills dental implant specialist) instead of relying on products making false claims about fixing such issues.

However, do understand that the impudence of mine is not a gesture of hatred. I am all for products that work. In fact, there are things that are near and dear to my product junkie heart that I silently gasp at once I find out people don’t like them. Then I quickly realize we’re all adults, like different things and that’s what makes us awesome. So let’s get into this post on 4 Healthy Living Trends I just can’t get down with.

Here’s the thing. Sometimes I feel like seeing products in the hands of friends or influencers on instagram make us feel like we HAVE to like them. Whether it’s food, juices or even skincare, sometimes it feels a little too much and you want to just stick with what you know. Hearing about the latest White Label Hyaluronic Acid Serum is great, but give me a chance to try other things too! Honestly, that is the job of the influencer and it means they are doing something right! But, have you ever just disliked something that EVERYONE else seems to like and have felt some weird shame about it?

*raises hand*

I’ll be the first to admit I try new products all day long that I pay for and sometimes don’t. My fear is that one day I will look like a marketing robot spitting out discount codes all day long. Its tough to find a balance, but what I can promise you is that I’ll be honest with my tribe, and continue to turn down what doesn’t feel (or taste) right. With that said, lets get into some feather ruffling so I can tell you about the:

4 Healthy Living Trends I Can’t Get Down With

Here are 4 healthy living trends world that I really cant get down with. Drinkable soup, nut butter drip cups, DNX bar, Beauty Counter. | Thyme + JOY


Let me start out by stating the obvious… who wants to drink soup!? I really don’t know why this trend took off as much as it did because I don’t know about you but I like to eat my expensive vegetables. I think a big issue for me is the flavor combinations. I once got a beet, cabbage, coconut and cumin drinkable soup and couldn’t get one sip down. My dog couldn’t either. Not only that but a package of 12 Whole30 approved soup bottles from a popular company will run you over $75 for just over a gallon. If you really want to jump in on this trend, it may be a MUCH better idea to make your own A gallon of vegetable soup will run you $10-$12 total. I know this because I’ve done it before, repeatedly….. or buy some better quality baby food. Literally same thing!


Ok, so I totally get that we all try and make food look pretty for instagram, but I think that dripping expensive nut butter perfectly all over your smoothie cup or bowl is a little excessive and DEFINITELY unnatural. Not only that, but what do you do with it afterwards? Spoon it back into the cup and get your hands all messy? Lick it off the cup like some sort of millenial animal? I’m sorry but, its not a candle… it’s your breakfast!


So it took me a long time to try a bar full of meat. Honestly, I get it! It’s high in protein and if it tastes good it could make one of the healthiest on the go snacks out there. I think EPIC makes some REALLY good ones (and not so good ones). Like most people out there, I particularly like the ones that can give you more energy. Some people like to have more energy when it comes to their daily routine, whilst others like to have more of it when it comes to their sex life (wink wink). Especially you guys out there, we know you like women “juicing it right” and you won’t be able to do that properly if you haven’t been given sufficient nutrients from some of the snacks provided by EPIC. With that being said though, I think DNX bar makes really bad ones… all of them. If you want to think about what a DNX bar tastes like, picture this. Some kind of meat (chicken beef or bison), an odd sweet flavoring (cinnamon, dates cacao) and then picture it all mashed together with the EXACT texture of a tootsie roll. If, I wanted something that tasted like a tootsie roll meat bar, I think I’d rather eat gum off the sidewalk in NYC. Definite no go for me…


Ok, so this is one that may actually really offend some people, including my friends! But I’m going to say it anyway. I AM NOT A FAN OF BEAUTY COUNTER. I will say this, I really support their mission and what they are trying to do, and I really didn’t mind the quality of the expensive products I ordered once. But its the DAMN ARMY! I kid you not, I get no less than 5 emails or DM’s a week that are cookie cutter introductions into something I already know. I really just stopped responding to anyone that tries to send me any info on Beauty Counter because I don’t believe that it is accessible to everyone as the price point is super high among other things. Any time I’ve mentioned this to the army, they tell me that I can get huge discounts becoming a consultant. YEP! All for the low price of another 5-20 hours of work a week on top of what I already do throwing parties and annoying the hell out of my friends and family so I can make my $200 a month quota just to keep my status. I’m sorry but, no thank you. I have found some AMAZING products at Wholefoods, Thrive Market and there are TONS of DIY safer skincare on Pinterest. I also have heard amazing reviews from my friends about products from companies like Trupure Organics who seem to offer effective skincare solutions for an affordable price. And the best part is that they mostly use natural ingredients, which can be great for the skin. That said, I want to be clear here and tell you that I know a lot of beauty counter reps, online and in person and they are NOT all like the people I’m describing and I find them pleasant and not pushy which is refreshing! Honestly, I am not a fan of any MLM companies in general but I feel like you’d make a great health coach! Join my team? (totally kidding)

I could probably do a volume 2 of 4 Healthy Living Trends, but I’ll leave this here for now. This post is just meant to share my opinion in my very snarky grew up on the jersey shore and married a sailor type way and not meant to offend the die-hards. If you like any or all of these things, thats great! Enjoy them! If not, it’s also totally cool.

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