5 Best Sous Vide Accessories for a Perfect Cooking Experience

If you’re looking to get into sous vide cooking, you’ll need some essential accessories. In this blog post, we will showcase the 5 Best Sous Vide Accessories to make your cooking experience perfect. From immersion circulators to water baths, and bags, we’ve got you covered!

sous vide accessories

Sous vide cooking gets more and more popular every year. The technique uses low temperatures to cook food evenly, locking in juices and flavors. This results in perfectly cooked food, every time.

Although having the bare-bones tools on hand like an immersion circulator and freezer-safe zip-top bags will do the trick, these accessories make cooking with sous vide the best experience possible.

šŸ² The Best Immersion Circulator

The first essential tool you’ll need for sous vide cooking is an immersion circulator. These devices attach to the side of a pot or container and circulate the water, ensuring even cooking. They’re available for around $200 or less depending on the brand.

My go-to has always been Anova products for sous vide. There are different price ranges for their immersion circulators. I went with the one in the middle, but either will work!

šŸ”„ 5 Best Sous Vide Cooking Accessories & Tools

Sous Vide Containers

When cooking with sous vide, you’ll need a container that’s big enough to hold the immersion circulator, the food you’re cooking, and enough water to fully submerge the food. While you can use a large pot for most things, investing in a large container or water bath is helpful when cooking large batches of proteins or vegetables. You can spring for the Anova water bath container if you want to be brand-specific. Or you can use a simple cambro or other sous vide containers.

Vacuum Sealer

While a beginner can get away with not using a vacuum sealer bag to use the water displacement method, eventually a vacuum sealer is necessary. I’ve tried cheap ones before and they have broken easy. A good tried and true vacuum sealer has always been the Food Saver brand and is highly recommended.

Sous Vide Bags

There are many options when it comes to sous vide bags. You can use the vacuum sealer bags for the sealer. Silicone bags if you don’t like using plastic, or if you’re on a budget, a set of hand pump vacuum sealer bags will work in a pinch. If you’re using the water displacement method, be sure to use large freezer-safe zip-top bags.

Sous Vide Weights & Magnets

Your food should be fully submerged in the temperature-controlled water bath when cooking with the sous vide method. This will ensure every part of the surface gets cooked evenly and doesn’t get undercooked. If the food floats to the top of the pot, you may need weights to keep it down. You can use a heavy kitchen tool or special sous vide weights and magnets.

Cast Iron Pan

A cast-iron pan is perfect to use for finishing protein and vegetables that get cooked with an immersion circulator. The high heat from the pan sears in the juices and flavors, creating a perfect crust on food that’s already cooked perfectly on the inside.

These are the essential sous vide accessories that will make your cooking experience perfect. With these tools, you’ll be able to cook like a pro in no time!

Sous Vide Recipes for Beginners

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