5 Healthy Mason Jar Food Gifts

These 5 healthy mason jar food gifts are a perfect way to give an inexpensive homemade gift to your friends and family. Mason jar gifts make great holiday gifts for clients and gift exchanges.

These 5 healthy mason jar food gifts are a perfect way to give an inexpensive homemade gift to your friends and family. Mason jar gifts make great holiday gifts for clients and gift exchanges.

These days gift giving can get a little hectic.  With amazon and other big box retailers shopping mostly happens online.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think that is GREAT!

This day and age we are able to get WHATEVER we want. In most instances we get them within a few days time.  It’s actually pretty crazy to see the parking lot of malls during the holidays and how much less people are out and about physically shopping.

Either way, I think that there is something to be said about homemade gifts. They add so much more value knowing that someone took the time to craft something just for you. There are other Great Gifts you could consider but this is my personal favourite.

One thing you may not know about me is that I am a jar hoarder. I love pretty jars and mason jars and I even co-founded a restaurant in Miami that we named Jar + Fork. I think they are the perfect way to package up anything, especially food.

It’s no surprise that I love making food gifts in jars for many occasions so I wanted to share my favorite 5 healthy mason jar food gifts.

5 Healthy Mason Jar Food Gifts

Coconut Trail Mix

This coconut trail mix is something I make for clients regularly because it’s so easy, convenient and made of clean simple ingredients.

Make a few batches for friends or co-workers as this trail mix is compliant with so many ways of eating.

Vanilla Bean Ghee

If you want to make anyone happy, gift them a jar of ghee.  Ghee or clarified butter is butter that has the milk protein and solids removed from it which leaves behind a super nutty rich butter. 

This is great for those who are a little more sensitive to dairy because it removes most of the lactose.  It’s also a great gift to give to your Whole30 friends.

instant pot ghee

Spiced Candied Pecans

Pecans are my favorite nut.  They naturally have a warming maple flavor I enjoy.

To enhance their flavor, adding some holiday spices to them along with some sweetener makes a perfect candied pecan recipe for anyone to enjoy.  Need a thanksgiving gift? Try out these Pumpkin Spice Pecans

These spiced candied pecans are a perfect way to snack through the holidays. These pecans can be packaged up in mason jars to make a perfect gift for friends and family.  #paleo #glutenfree #dairyfree

Strawberry Chia Oats

I started making this breakfast for myself fairly regularly over the summer.  The combination of dried strawberries and dairy free milk made me feel like I was a kid again eating Strawberries and cream quaker oat packets. 

Blueberry Overnight Oats

These are great for anyone needing healthy breakfast prep AND have a lactation option for any new moms in your life.

These days I opt for the much healthier version I created.  Leave out the milk to make a perfect gift for the busy people in your life that are short on time for a healthy breakfast!

blueberry overnight oats

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Mix

This peppermint hot chocolate mix contains very few ingredients and can be customized with or without peppermint for a treat to enjoy anytime. 

The nutritional punch comes from the collagen peptides which packs natural protein as well as tons of benefits for skin, hair, nails and joints.  Perfect for the colder months.

Valerie Skinner is a Whole30 approved personal chef & recipe developer that bridges the gap between healthy eating and busy lives by providing simple healthy meals and recipes for you and your family.Charleston Personal Chef Thyme and JOY

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