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5 Kitchen Essentials for Busy People

These 5 Kitchen Essentials for Busy People will make your life easier in the kitchen when you have so much more to worry about! However, kitchen maintenance is important too! If you suspect your kitchen drainage system is in need of a deep clean then you may wish to visit a website like https://www.callthegeneral.com/drain-cleaning/.

These 5 Kitchen Essentials for Busy People will make your life easier in the kitchen when you have so much more to worry about!

As a personal chef, I meal prep for others for a living. And as much as I truly love making food and everything about it, it is HARD to come home and do it for myself. Not only am I super busy, but I am burnt out on food. People often ask me how I make my cooking life easier. A quality kitchen seems to play a key role in simplifying my cooking experience. In general, a high-quality kitchen has components such as spacious cabinets, durable countertops (such as quartz countertops), and high-quality appliances. As of now, though, I have a few suggestions that busy people may find helpful.

5 Kitchen Essentials for Busy People

Instant Pot

Ok, so I know that there has been a complete OBSESSION about this when it came out. It seems that you’re on team instant pot or not. The truth is, when I first got it I was like… why the HELL do I need basically a slow cooker that cooks food faster. Then I was like … holy shit! I definitely need ANYTHING that cooks food faster. The beauty of this gadget is that you can saute IN the pot before adding the rest of your ingredients for soups, stews, chilis, curries, etc. Honestly, it has been a great value for me for the simple things it does like make perfect hard boiled eggs, bone broth, cooking potatoes, rice, chicken all under 20 minutes. Since Instant Pot came to be, a lot of good knock off brands have risen to the scene which makes it cheaper than ever, especially if you find a sale and lets be honest… we’ve spent more money on worse stuff, right?

Yeti Mug With Handle

So yes, this may be another *eye roll* kitchen item, but hear me out! This Yeti mug is only $24.99 and will keep your coffee actually hot through the morning. One thing I hear from moms and the busiest of people is that their coffee goes cold because they are distracted by life. I promise this investment is a great solution to the hot coffee crisis. But this is not just it! The best part is that the lightweight mug comes with a handle, which means that it can be hung almost anywhere. For instance, if someone were to mount it on the wall using Sugru adhesive (which, by the way, can be purchased from Sugru.com), then it would probably stay fine without falling down because of its lightweight. This implies that the mug can be easily stored anywhere. It can even be packed effortlessly while travelling as it takes a minimal amount of space.

Wide Mouth Mason Jars

I strongly feel that everyone needs a set of wide mouth mason jars in their kitchen. They can be used as storage for leftovers, mason jar salads, drinking cups, portable smoothies and even used for measuring cups when I am flailing about the kitchen. The wide mouth is super important so you can get a utensil comfortably in there. I can’t have my kitchen without them!

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Flexible Cutting Mats

I don’t know about you, but every time I take out a cutting board, its like a “thing”. The kitchen becomes serious territory which means dishes and utensils and everything in between. But what if you just needed to cut a lemon for your water in the morning, or cut your hard boiled eggs in half for breakfast. This is where flexible cutting mats make all the difference for me. I take one out, do what I need to do and I am able to wash it right then and there without all the “heaviness” that takes place otherwise. These mats are versatile enough that you may even be able to cut them on precious dining furniture, like made to order dining tables maybe? If you feel like you may hurt the wood by chopping too hard though, stay on the safer side and use your countertop.

Immersion Blender

I fought against getting one of these for a while. Did I really need ANOTHER blender after spending nearly $400 on a Vitamix? The answer is yes. Just like the cutting boards, this immersion blender gets to the point for small batch food items like dressings, salsas, mayo and even blending things like bulletproof coffee. The blade comes right off and all you have to do is wash that and the cup you did your business in and you’re good to go!


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What has been a kitchen life saver for you?

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