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In this episode of Skinner TV, Val documents the fourth of July 2019.  She has an OB appointment the day before, and then the weekend of intense rain and storm begins. Fourth of July is a mementos occasion no matter what, with BBQs getting prepared, flagpole hardware getting erected, and the American flag flying everywhere, so this happening during this particular weekend will certainly be remembered forever.

On the day of the fourth of July, Valerie shows you her whiteboard method to organizing their to-do list before baby and chats with Mike about starting his own DIY channel.

They then head to a friends house on a lake to spend some time by the fire, eating bbq and setting off a few fireworks. 

SkinnerTV was started in 2015 as a way to document our life through the huge change of finding out we were moving from the place we met and got married (Hawaii) all the way to our cross country move to Charleston SC. 

As our life grows even more with a baby boy on the way and Mike’s eventual separation from the military, I wanted to make sure we were documenting our adventures once again and so SkinnerTV has been revived in 2019!

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Fourth Of July 2019 | Mikes DIY Channel?

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