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Healthy Food Travel Hacks | Stay healthy while you travel

These Healthy food travel hacks to keep you confident, motivated and on track during your travel.

Healthy Food Travel Hacks | Stay healthy while traveling

Travel season is upon us! This could mean a dangerous time for those of us who have been doing a great job staying healthy. When out of our element, it’s easier for us to relax on the habits we form in our daily routine. Of course, this all depends very much on how we are travelling. If we are driving, for instance, then the likelihood is we will grab some convenience food from a gas station. As we know, convenience food is often not very healthy. If, on the other hand, we use Jettly to travel via a private jet or something similar, then the standard of food we will eat whilst travelling will be much better. Nevertheless, there are certain things we can do to maintain our healthiness whilst travelling.

These healthy travel hacks help keep a balance in our lives while on the road for fun or work!

Healthy Food Travel Hacks

Make A Plan

Arranging how you’ll handle your trip health-wise is 70% of the battle. When planning meals for travels, give as much thought as you might to deciding where to stay in the Amalfi Coast (or wherever you are traveling, for that matter). Creating a guideline for yourself will help you have boundaries to stick to when all bets are off. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this a business trip for work or a vacation for pleasure? Decide whether or not you will be choosing to indulge at all either way. Let’s say you’re going on the night of lights cruise with family; you have to allow yourself some indulgence of the delicacies presented to you — it’s a major part of the holiday! But, know your limits.
  • HOW and WHEN do you plan to indulge on your trip? Suppose you’ll be near your favorite restaurant or you know you will be in a town that serves your favorite dessert. Decide what is “worth it” to you, plan it out and try to stick to your normal eating habits for the remainder of the day.
  • How will you fit in movement? Are you taking a rest week? Do you plan to see if there is a gym around, or do you want to rely on your fitbit to make sure you’re getting 10k steps in for the day. Whatever activity you would like to do (or not), make sure you schedule it in to your trip and stick to it.

Bring Snacks

Bringing food and snacks with you is a surefire way to stay healthy and happy because it eliminates decisions about food and keeps things around you that you know make you feel good.

Travel Snacks

Stay Hydrated and Full of Nutrients

Traveling around can make our bodies wonder what in the world is going on so it may process things different from it does at homes and at different times. This can affect our mood, energy levels and level of hydration. As well as general supplements from somewhere like Quicksilver Scientific, the following can target the three previously mentioned issues that can arise when travelling:

  • Multivitamin – bring a few to make sure your body is getting enough nutrients that it could be lacking from all the different foods
  • Activated Charcoal – activated charcoal helps draw toxins, impurities and gas by absorbing them and eliminating them. These are perfect to bring along on trips and after a night of drinking
  • Electrolyte Packets – contrary to popular belief, just drinking water will not hydrate you. You need a balance of sodium, potassium and magnesium to help your body hold on to the H20. Electrolytes are easily depleted by traveling, especially by plane and these packets help balance your hydration and can easily fit into your purse.

Safe Travels!

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