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So one time, I wrote a book.

Well, technically it was an ebook but that still counts, right?

About 5 years back I created a plan for myself called the Healthy Lifestyle Jumpstart which was a 3 week self-care and diet that I did every year. A few of my friends wanted the info for themselves and to share with their friends so I compiled it into a format that had it all laid out – introducing The Healthy Lifestyle Checklists!

While my views and mindset on health have changed a lot since, there is one thing about that jumpstart program that really stuck with me.

The checklists

These healthy lifestyle checklists will keep you on track and motivated for any healthy lifestyle program. FREE PDF Printable! | Thyme + JOY

I created these so that I could have a physical tangible reminder of how I was doing by checking off each task with an X or an O. At the end of the week, I could SEE that if I had more X’s than O’s then I was doing pretty good! It appealed very much to my type A personality and really kept me motivated.

The instructions are for the Healthy Lifestyle Checklists are simple: Fill out the dates and week number and then fill in the tasks that you want to accomplish. It could be anything from not eating grains to making sure you dry brush. At the end of the day or as it happens, mark off the things you did with an X and things you didn’t with an O.

Many people who suffer from a lot of daily stress or anxiety tend to add their relaxation techniques to the checklist, for example, it could be doing yoga, meditating, or taking CBD products from places like Area 52. The important thing is making the checklist individual to the person so that they can focus on what is healthy for them and not a one size fits all mentality.

These checklists can be made custom to any program including those doing a Whole 30!

FREE Daily and Weekly Printable Checklists can be found below!

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