Hormone Balance Helpers

This post contains all the hormone balance helpers you could use to heal your body after pregnancy or during menstruation. This is a list of my natural supplements, food, that can benefit the delicate cycle of the female body and restore hormone health.

While I was pregnant with my son, I learned that the female body gives 40% of more of it’s nutrients and minerals to the baby. After birth a large percentage of women do not replenish them properly or at all.
The effects of vitamin and mineral deficiencies don’t always rear their head right away. Over time, deficiencies can lead to serious health problems. Thanks to improved medical research, however, the emergence of stem cell therapy and other treatments have acted as a way to cross the hurdles that hormone imbalances and deficiencies cause. It must be said that in spite of all of the available therapies, some of them still being new and under-researched, it is up to each one of us to take the best care of our bodies that we can. I remember making a promise to myself that I would replenish as much as I could to avoid this. Women may not know about this, so it is important that they are aware and can help themselves through this time. Looking on websites such as Favorece can help with making decisions on which health supplements will benefit them. When starting any new health regime after giving birth, it is important to discuss with the doctor first and foremost to make sure nothing is damaging to the body or the baby if breastfeeding.

Postpartum is a seriously hard time for the female body. Not only did you give away your nutrients, but your hormones are in a chronic unbalanced state.

And, if you’re like me and had a 36 hour labor turned c-section, you were probably pumped full of drugs during and after not to mention a shot at pharmaceuticals for postpartum depression, anxiety and insomnia. Basically, your liver may be having trouble doing it’s job and may become sluggish.

When I was finally in a place where I could take a breath and start focusing on ME, I began to research the best way to balance hormones, reduce inflammation, re-mineralize my body and help my liver get back to a better functioning state.

I have researched all types of methods that can help with hormones and other postpartum issues. I also heard how yoga and meditation can help improve lifestyle and bring huge health changes. Perhaps, I can look for a tutor who can teach me dragon pose, swan pose yin yoga, and other asanas that can promote self-healing.

Additionally, exercise, good eating habits, and rest can help to heal after pregnancy. I have tried all these things along with a few vitamins and nutrition supplements; all these tricks do help, but the improvement is mostly slow and steady. Truthfully, I had no patience and I was so tired of the pain, discomfort, and insomnia.

So, in extreme measure, I decided to try out the Carnivore Diet for 21 days. The elimination of all other foods except those coming from the animal kingdom is a highly nutrient dense way of eating. Vitamins and minerals are incredibly bio available in meat making it more healthy for you than vegetables in a lot of cases.

I know, it took me a while to believe this too, but I’m not here to convince you of that.

In fact, I believe everyone needs to do what’s best for THEM and that can vary greatly.

Below is a list of supplements and products that are helping me reach my postpartum goals.


Hormone Balance Helpers

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a medical professional. Please talk to your health care professional about your own personal needs and goals. This post also contains affiliate links from Amazon in which I will earn a small commission if you purchase using my link.

Hormone Balancing Supplements

  • Magnesium Glycinate – There are many forms of magnesium out there with varying degrees of absorption. I like taking it in glycinate form because it’s the best to take for mood and sleep. You can check out this post from Coconuts and Kettlebells for more detailed information about the different forms of magnesium.
  • Electrolyte Stamina – this product by Trace Minerals is my favorite electrolyte supplement because it contains no sweetner (it’s in pill form) and it also contains a blend of ionic trace minerals from concentrated seawater.
  • Ancestral Health Desiccated Organs – Eating nose to tail is one of the best ways to get most nutrients. However, you’ll never see me eating brains or spleens in order to do that. I take a desiccated grass fed organ supplement which does the trick.
  • Seeking Health Methylated Multivitamin – Although I am getting a wide spectrum of nutrients from animal protein, I do take a methylated vitamin to make sure I am covering all bases. I do have the MTHFR mutation (double homozygous) so it’s important that I take vitamins that are already methylated. I take one 3x a week and not every day.
  • Bupleurum Liver Cleanse – I’m a fan of chinese herbs and this liver support has been my favorite as it has a large blend of herbs that gently helps along the process.
  • Digestive Enzymes – Because I am changing what I eat and becoming fat adapted, I have not created the proper balance of enzymes to digest only meat. These digestive enzymes help with the transition.
  • HCL & Pepsin – This is also to help digest food on a high protein diet by adding the support of hydrochloric acid (stomach acid)

Hormone Balancing Modalities

  • Dry Brush – Dry brushing is one of the most inexpensive ways you can increase your health. Using a natural bristle brush to brush your skin towards the heart (before a shower) will help the lymphatic system move circulating hormones. Additionally, it helps exfoliate the skin which is a major detox organ. Opening up your pores will help sweat and excess toxins release from the body more effectively.
  • Tongue Scraper – Every day your tongue accumulates dead cells, toxins and bacteria that you carry around in your mouth if you don’t get rid of it. Tongue scraping is one of the easiest things you can do for your health. Further information in this post.
  • Infrared Sauna – different from your gym sauna, infrared ones will penetrate deep into your joints and organs that heat up your body before they heat the air. I purchased a portable one thinking that it wouldn’t do much but I use it at least 3 times per week. I sweat in it more than I have ever sweat in ANYTHING and feel like a new person every time I step out of it. It also helps with:
    • better sleep
    • relaxation
    • Detoxification
    • Increased blood flow to muscles and organs
    • relief from sore muscles
    • relief from joint pain such as arthritis
    • clear and tighter skin
    • improved circulation
    • chronic fatigue
  • Hot and Cold Showers – much like dry brushing, standing in a hot shower than turning it to as cold as it can go will help circulate the lymph system and hormones by opening up your blood vessels (with hot) and constricting them (with cold). This also helps move blood around your body that may have been pooling to re-oxygenate. This is a tough one to get used to but it feels amazing once you do it. I take a very simple approach and do this after a sauna. Hot water for 2 minutes cold water for 15 seconds and repeat 2-3 times. Your body will work to bring itself back to a normal temperature further giving your immune, lymph system and metabolism a boost!
  • Physical therapy – could be a great way to release some stress and physical stiffness. You can consider going for massage therapy once in a while to get relief from muscle cramps, back pain, joint pain, etc. Getting a massage from a professional can also aid in making your joints stronger and can help you regain strength and flexibility. You can explore various spas and physical therapy centers that may offer myofascial release along with other types of massages for complete recovery after the pregnancy.

Adding these modalities and supplements into my routine has really helped me heal my body and mind postpartum. I hope that by continuing most of these, I will be able to stay balanced and avoid health problems in the future.


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  1. This is such great information! I also am struggling with hormonal issues. Hair loss (like crazy), easily gaining weight but taking forever to get rid of it, always tired…It’s a battle for sure and I’m not one to just go to the doctor and get a pill to “fix” me. I’d much rather try all other ways before I get to that level. Thank you for sharing! This is will help me so much.

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