Household Budget Spreadsheet

This household budget spreadsheet is the best way to track your monthly expenses to find out exactly what you have leftover at the end of each month. This is one of the very first steps in order to reach your personal finance goals. Simply fill out the google sheet with your income and expenses to find out exactly where you stand financially. 

household budget google spreadsheet

The first step in better financial health is to KNOW WHERE YOU STAND. For you to make any positive decisions, you’ll need to know exactly what is coming in and coming out on a monthly basis. You’ll then see what and if you have anything left over to decide what to do with. Most people miss this important step that is an anchor in your financial health. Take help from websites like Investomatica ( which has tax calculators for sales tax, income tax, and more, so that you can determine how much of your money goes into this aspect of expenses.

Similarly, the expenses that you don’t notice every month such as taxes, deductions, and insurance premiums are made apparent with a spreadsheet budget. If you find out that you’re overpaying for something like car insurance or life insurance, then you could change that. By using resources such as websites that list the best life insurance in the UK or other places, you could potentially save a lot of money.

When you can get an almost exact idea of your spendable income, it is easier to budget and keep track month by month. Moreover, the division of expenses can also help you to determine what expenses can be managed and where money can be saved. For instance, if you are getting a huge electricity bill every month, you can explore other energy sources which may cost a lot less in the long run. You can reduce electricity usage with the help of solar panels which can power gadgets and equipment like a geyser, heaters, lights, power banks, smart watches, and more. This can help you re-evaluate and improve your monthly budget system and save money for emergencies and other uses. Of course, if you are already in a considerable amount of debt, it may be a while before you are able to get yourself to this point again. Infact, your first port of call may be to get in touch with someone like this Gilbert bankruptcy lawyer to see what can be done when it comes to restructuring your debts so that you are able to pay these off and then start rebuilding yourself financially, perhaps with the help of something like this sheet we are discussing today!

I’ve always been a meticulous tracker of money. There were times I fell off the wagon, but for the most part, it’s always been a huge part of my daily life. When I got married, it was even MORE important for me to keep track of our finances. I wanted to make sure we at least had enough to cover all our bills so we weren’t getting into trouble. Well, a lot of people tend to look for a side income to make extra cash. For instance, one might make money by sports betting (probably with the help of a New York sports betting app), or by writing blogs. Ensuring the bills are paid on time could be the first priority of a homeowner, therefore, a side income and budgeting can be necessary for them.

I’ve used this google budget sheet for nearly 10 years and it has saved us time and time again from making bad decisions with our money. If it weren’t for this sheet we would not have been able to afford what we have now and pay off our debts. 


  1. Click the google sheets link below. Click FILE and either make a copy or download it as an excel spreadsheet. 
  2. Add in your monthly net income at the top.
  3. Add in each expense in the OUT section. Be sure to use a (-) before entering the amount to make sure the expenses subtract from the total income. 
  4. To add a line item, right click the cell number and choose insert one above to make sure it calculates within the built in formula. 
  5. At the bottom will be your total expenses in ( ).
  6. It will automatically calculate what you have leftover per month after all of your expenses are taken out whether that number is positive or negative. 
  7. Per week is your leftover amount divided by 4 meaning you have that much money per week extra after your expenses are paid. These numbers are important to know in order to figure out what to do with your remaining money whether that is putting it towards debt, savings or creating sinking funds for other expenses throughout the year. 
  8. Copy and paste the spreadsheet each month to account for varying incomes to see where you’re at on a monthly basis. 


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