How To Meal Prep | Using the Whiteboard Method

How to meal prep simple healthy meals using the white board method. 

How to meal prep simple healthy meals using the white board method. #mealprep #mealplan #menuplanning

One of the questions I get asked very often is how to meal prep. This is a convoluted question for me since I meal prep for others as a living. The full service includes menu development, shopping, cooking, cleaning, packaging and labeling everything. Needless to say, by the time I get home I need to keep it simple to get healthy meals on the table.

A while back, I started using a simple method to figure out how to meal prep that I call the white board method.  It’s almost embarrassing how easy it is. Since I don’t have time to make elaborate meals for us at home, I stock the fridge and freezer with proteins and sides and piece everything together on the go.

How To Meal Prep | Using the Whiteboard Method

  1. After my big wholesale club shopping trip, I take stock of everything I have in the fridge and freezer and take out my handy whiteboard.
  2. I split the whiteboard into 2 columns that are simply PROTEINS and SIDES.
  3. I write down every protein I have available in the house whether it is frozen or not. Make sure you include eggs as a protein source because they can make some great healthy dinners!
  4. I write down every possible side I have available making sure to check the pantry for options. This column is mostly filled with vegetables but there are things like GF pastas and rice that goes on this column too.
  5. Anything that is a full meal already (ie: frozen lasagna, frozen pizza) I put in the proteins column since this would still be considered the bulk of a meal.
  6. 2-3 times a week, I choose 3 proteins or full meals and 3 sides to put together. I take the proteins or whatever else needs to come out of the freezer to defrost.
  7. I then erase the items on the list I will be using that week as I go.
  8. When I get home, I know I have 3 protein options and 3 side options that are ready to go.  I HEAVILY rely on my Air Fryer and Instant Pot basics to get things done QUICK.
  9. Once I am on my last protein for that block, I will go into the freezer or fridge again, pick 3 proteins and 3 sides and repeat the process.
  10. When my list is looking low, it means it’s time to head to the store to re-populate the white board!

To make things even FASTER I use my Ninja Foodi, an air fryer and pressure cooker (instant pot) all in one.  

Ninja Foodi Review

Ninja Foodi Review

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