Hiring a Personal Chef – Is It Expensive?

The short answer to this question is, yes. Hiring a personal chef is expensive…

….but only if you are not looking at your current habits and not realizing your potential for TIME.


Breaking down the reasons why hiring a personal chef may not be as expensive as you think and why you should consider it on Thyme + JOY


Don’t get me wrong, hiring a personal chef is definitely a luxury service, but it is also one of the reasons why some people can afford luxury services in the first place #mindblown

Let’s say you’re a married and have a high paying job with no kids. Your partner is also successful, and you both clock in 10-15 hour days weekly. You also value and prioritize your health, so you get up SUPER early because you know that you won’t have a clear, focused and productive day if you don’t fitness your heart out.

Lunch rolls around at the office and you order take out or hit up the nearest Whole Foods for a hot bar bonanza, an RX bar and a kombucha which runs you about $15

*phew* safe for this meal

At 7pm you and your partner return home wanting to decompress and fuel up from all of the brain drain but there is nothing to be found in the fridge that won’t make you tired, sluggish and possibly ruin tomorrows workout and the workday.

So… you pick something up like sushi or go out to eat at a mediocre restaurant to connect with each other setting you back another $35-$50 depending on your tastes.

Before you know it, the week has gone by and you’ve only made dinner one night and dread thinking about spending your hard-earned free time over the weekend planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning the kitchen which takes up almost the entire day.

Families with kids are no different. Stay at home moms or working parents coming home only to run out the door and cart their kids to soccer practice and ballet just want to get their kids fed so they can take a breath and not feel guilty. Chick-fil-a anyone?

… and the cycle continues

The average cost of convenience food during the week for these types of situations:

Weekly Single Person: 4 lunches a week @ $15 + 4 dinners a week $35 = $200+

Weekly Married Couple: 8 lunches a week @ $15 + 3 dinners a week $55 = $525+

Weekly Family with 2 kids: 5 drive through dinners at $35 + pizza and snacks on the way to games = $225+


Lets Breakdown my average Personal Chef Service

$199 for 3 healthy entrees with 4 servings each (12 meals)

$65 for groceries on average for this service

= $264 or $22 per meal

I know, I know… that seems like a lot!


But let’s say that if you got those 12 healthy meals out at a restaurant, meal prep service or Whole Foods, you’d be paying about $13 for each of them which is about $156

What is left over after that is $108 and THAT is what you are spending to free up 8-10 hours per week of your precious TIME and ….

Other benefits of hiring a personal chef:

  • Custom menu planning around allergies and likes/dislikes
  • Works around your schedule
  • Food is fresh, purchased and cooked within 24 hours
  • You get to try a new variety of foods
  • You don’t have to go to packed grocery stores on Sundays
  • You are supporting local business
  • You don’t feel guilty anymore about not feeding your family healthy food
  • You gain energy and vitality from consistent healthy eating which in turn makes you more successful
  • You can connect with your loved ones around the dinner table with a home cooked meal

I fully believe in the power of food and the impact it can have on your relationships, children, career and overall health and wellness and I would like to help as many people as I can on their journeys.

Contact me for 10% off your first Personal Chef service booking!

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  1. Thank you for explaining that personal chefs work on a custom menu that can be planned around allergies and your like and dislikes. My cousin has been really struggling with finding recipes and ways to cook around her husband’s allergies. I’ll be sure to pass this on to her and see if hiring a personal chef might help her out. https://www.suestable.com/

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