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isle of palms sc charleston weekend vlog


In this episode of Skinner TV we take you along on a weekend in our life starting with Val’s trip to record her podcast at the Workshop in Charleston at 963 WOHM Radio.

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The next day, we get up early and get some candy bar coffee from Dunkin Donuts and head to Isle of Palms Beach with our dog Meeko. Dogs are allowed on the beach without a leash fro 5am-9am.

On Sunday we worked on the house and nursery organizing all of our baby things. As well, for installing an air conditioner unit to help keep our room cooler to help with pregnancy hormones. We opted for a new air conditioner, so that we don’t need to opt for air duct cleaning or other maintenance tasks. Had I not been influenced by my hormones, trust me, I would have just chosen to shift the air conditioner from another room to this room. It would have hardly required us to get the filters and air ducts cleaned, likely by a minneapolis air duct cleaning service provider (or one nearby). However, since you know how controlling the pregnancy hormones sometimes become, I chose the safe bet and got to a new air conditioner.

And then we closed out the weekend running an errand and eating lunch at the Workshop in Charleston and get ready for another productive week of pregnancy and baby prep.

SkinnerTV was started in 2015 as a way to document our life through the huge change of finding out we were moving from the place we met and got married (Hawaii) all the way to our cross country move to Charleston SC. 

As our life grows even more with a baby boy on the way and Mike’s eventual separation from the military, I wanted to make sure we were documenting our adventures once again and so SkinnerTV has been revived in 2019!

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Isle of Palms SC | Charleston Weekend Vlog

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