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4 Make Ahead Breakfasts to Fuel Your Workweek

These 4 make ahead breakfasts will be a life saver during a busy work week. 

4 Make Ahead Breakfasts to Fuel Your Workweek

While it’s nice to think we all get up super early and ease into the day, the reality is that mornings are a hectic time. It’s super easy to forget to fuel and take care of ourselves when our to-do lists hover over us like a 10 ton brick. While not eating breakfast could work for some, for most of us it pays to take that extra time and energy to eat nutritous fuel to set us up for success.

These 4 make ahead breakfasts do just that. Not only can you prep out multiple servings at once, but you can also eat most of them cold which helps those of us chowing down in the car on the way to work.

*cough* …. me

4 Make Ahead Breakfasts to Fuel Your Workweek


Love it or hate it, chia seeds are here to stay. This breakfast pudding combines banana, almond butter, almond milk and cacao nibs with chia to get a quick hit of protein and fat in the mornings and can be stored in your cutest mason jars.


This buffalo chicken frittata can be made ahead of time and sliced into meal or snack sized pieces for a high protein breakfast OR lunch. BONUS: this recipe uses the amazing buffalo sauce from The New Primal


If you haven’t tried baked oatmeal, I’m sad to say you’re missing out. This comforting breakfast feels like a treat but is made with real ingredients and is something kids love too!


If you have eggs, prosciutto and a muffin tin you’re golden! A few quick steps and you’ve got amazing little egg cups to chow down on. The perfect car snack if you ask me.

What is your favorite go to breakfast?

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