NJ Flea Market | 10 Hour Road Trip Back To SC

road map from nj to sc


In this episode: 

In this episode of Skinner TV, we head out to English Town NJ to browse the flea market with family. The next day, we decide to road trip back to South Carolina without stopping for the night.

The trip took us 12 hours with traffic and stops.

Check Out our Cross Country Road Trip in 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9b7Nm…


valerie and michael skinner skinnertv

SkinnerTV was started in 2015 as a way to document our life through the huge change of finding out we were moving from the place we met and got married (Hawaii) all the way to our cross country move to Charleston SC. 

As our life grows even more with a baby boy on the way and Mike’s eventual separation from the military, I wanted to make sure we were documenting our adventures once again and so SkinnerTV has been revived in 2019!

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