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Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

This Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup is my 16 most popular Thanksgiving recipes that are mostly paleo and Whole30.

This Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup contains 16 of my favorite healthy Thanksgiving recipes that are mostly paleo and Whole30. #paleo #whole30 #thanksgiving

It’s my absolute favorite time of year!  I am one of those crazy holiday people that likes to take full advantage of the spirit.

While so many things in this world seem to be in flux, it makes all the sense in the world to grab onto cheer wherever you can take it.

Thanksgiving is probably the top holiday for me for so many reasons, but the main reason is the FOOD. I love creating recipes all times of year but creating recipes for Thanksgiving makes it a little extra special. Knowing that everyone is going to gather together and enjoy everything makes my heart happy.

I also love creating recipes for Thanksgiving because this is the time of year for really dense and hearty food that you just can’t really appreciate in those warmer months. The flavors of sage, cinnamon and all of the pies and desserts make the whole years wait worth it all.

This thanksgiving punch recipe has all the flavors of fall and can be made as a cocktail or mocktail. #holiday #thanksgiving #mocktail #cocktail

Staying healthy during the holidays used to be a challenge for me, but since I eat healthy foods most of the year it really was an easy transition for me to create healthier thanksgiving recipes with real food ingredients that tastes just as good if not better.

A lot of people ask me if I continue a healthy way of eating during the holidays such as Whole30, Paleo or Keto. The truth is that I try not to eat within the boundaries of any of these all year round. Doing so has set me up for failure, especially around the holidays.

I definitely indulge in holiday treats but I know that the holidays will always come back around which helps take the power out of those things that I would likely over-indulge in. This is an important mindset to stay in through these months and practicing this has helped me enjoy these times in so many other ways.

This butternut squash alfredo is a holiday hit for those looking for a creamy dairy free sauce option. #dairyfree #vegan #paleo #whole30

This Thanksgiving recipe roundup contains 16 of my favorite recipes broken down into 4 categories to cover all holiday bases from your morning pumpkin spice coffee, family breakfast frittata or egg free style and even down to some game day snacks for after the big day which include pumpkin spice pecans and buffalo roasted chickpeas.

Morning Meals

Holiday Beverages

Entrees and Sides

Sweets & Snacks

For the big day, don’t forget to check out my post of 5 practical tips on how to beat Thanksgiving bloat and indigestion on the big day.

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

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