Whole 30 Challenge | Week 1 Recap

It’s officially been one whole week since I started my very first Whole 30 challenge! On the blog, I will be doing a Whole 30 recap of each week in sort of a bullet style format. During this Whole 30 recap I will be discussing my physical changes, cravings, foods I’ve been eating, energy and emotional changes, and my thoughts going forward.

Giving you a Whole 30 recap on the blog since it's been a full week since I've started! Including physical, energy emotional changes | Thyme + JOY.

Reaching the end of an almond butter jar . . .


As part of the program, you should NOT weigh yourself as the purpose of the program is setting your hormones straight without regard to calories consumed. A result of this is weight loss for most people. I don’t really feel like I have lost weight at all, but maybe?

  • My wedding ring is looser along with my jeans the first few days
  • I feel so bloated and gassy at times which I am sure is attributed to the influx of fruits and veggies
  • My skin is feeling super soft and clear. I haven’t really had any major skin issues in the last few years, but most recently I feel like my collagen supplement is helping a ton.
  • I’ve been uh… going to the bathroom about every OTHER day which seems strange with all the plant fiber in my diet.


  • Croissants… don’t ask why but just the WORD written on a sign at Arby’s had me drooling
  • Birthday cake … I saw someone eating it on TV and I wanted to kill them for cake
  • Mini Cadbury eggs … I feel like that is always the case though.
  • Beer… so far I miss this the most, the bitterness, carbination and slight buzz of an after work beverage 🙁
  • Wine… I don’t drink wine at all but I saw a glass of red somewhere and NEEDED IT!


  • Crispy Baked Buffalo Wings
  • Seared Hot Dogs (im basically 5 years old)
  • Lots of scrambled eggs
  • Avocado on errrythang
  • Nuts and nut butter …. WAY too much of this
  • Fruit: melons, apples, dried apricots


The first 3 or so days I had bouts of dizziness which was new for me. Still, I haven’t felt SO terrible that I needed to lay down and take a nap where I was standing. As time continued I realized that I was tired but not so tired that I didn’t get done what I had to get done for the day. I still have not been to the gym yet but I feel like I am ready. Work keeps me active with at least 10k steps a day and 2200 kcals burned according to my fitbit. I’m going to wear the band out on this soon, I better check out some classic fitbit watch bands to keep spare just in case! Anyway, I am starting to think that my tiger blood will never surface.


I really didn’t expect much in the emotional department but GIRL…. I feel like a can of worms has opened. I find myself re-evaluating my life and my future and feeling really bad about it. I feel like I am not going where I need to go fast enough and then get even MORE down on myself for not having the energy/motivation to make any changes. This unfortunately leads to comparing myself to others more often than usual. Some may have to do with the PMS cloud I am in, but it does seem more intense maybe because I am cutting out a crutch with food? I am hoping that I will snap out of it during week 2 and start moving in a more positive direction.


Honestly, I wanted to quit quite a few times. My husband and I had a rare day off together this week and usually we would try and do something fun which always includes trying a new restaurant. Because I couldn’t do this I started to make excuses to stop the whole 30 making it the “problem” of why we couldn’t have a good day off together. Anyway, this week I am going to plan some exciting meals, get my butt to workout and go to the gym at least once. I don’t expect any dramatic changes, but I’ve already made it too far to quit.


I hope you enjoyed my Whole 30 recap blog post – let me know if you have any questions!

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