10 Whole30 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Today I want to share some love to the people that inspire me every day. These are 10 Whole30 instagram accounts you should follow. 

Today I want to share some love to the people that inspire me every day. These are 10 Whole30 instagram accounts you should follow.  | Thyme + JOYInstagram has been a MAJOR hub for me to gain support, ideas and a sense of community during Whole30 and beyond. There are SO many Whole30 instagram accounts of people who have had major success on the program and CONTINUE their efforts in ways that deserved to be recognized.

These are the people that have made huge strides in changing their relationship with food, make delicious recipes and always support each other by living a Whole30 lifestyle whether they are on a round or not. I hope you appreciate these Whole30 instagram accounts as much as I do!

10 Whole30 Instagram Accounts You Should FollowGabby @simpleeasywhole 

Gabby is an incredibly hard worker and young professional braving the often freezing cold streets of Chicago to work, go to grad school, be a barre babe AND stay strong in her food freedom by being #whole30basic. I love following Gabby because she is passionate about the program and always gives it to you straight about many aspects. I also love her because she calls people out on driving and IG story-ing. DON’T DO THAT!

CLICK HERE: for Gabby’s Blog

Avery @bitesizepaleo

You guys, Avery recently completed a WHOLE ONE HUNDRED. Yes, while we were all celebrating our 30 day wins, this girl was kicking ass through all the cravings, holidays and life that would knock most people down. Her transformation is incredible and her spirit is strong. Avery shares her healthy journey and inspires self love just by being herself.

CLICK HERE: for Avery’s Blog

Stephen @stephenjames85

Ok so we totally wish Stephen lived here in Charleston because we would hang out with him all the time! He geeks out on all the things we love too. Stephen has lost 278lbs and completely transformed himself with the help of Whole30. I love following him and watching him navigate through food freedom as a lifestyle and not just another fad. Truly inspiring!

Brittany @pleasantlypaleo

Brittany has used Whole30 and a Paleo lifestyle since 2014 to live her best life and the best is yet to come. She is an inspiring Mom who loves Paleo baking and is the most stylish person I know. Brittany is taking her passion for paleo living and turning it into fashion with her Peace Love & Paleo tshirts. Also, she is one of my besties here in Charleston and gives the most epic hugs.

CLICK HERE: for Peace Love & Paleo Shirts

Jenna @jennaswholejourney

Nothing makes me happier than seeing Jenna so proud of herself and growing confidence. She has made MAJOR strides in her weight loss journey and relationship with food. Her honesty and tenacity with the journey itself is inspiring and keeps me following along every day! I also love watching Jenna meal prep for her work week by using basic Whole30 ingredients.

Rachel @racheleats_

Rachel has done over 6 rounds of Whole30 and has completely transformed her eating habits. I love that even off her Whole30 she shops like she is on one to keep the abstainer inside her balanced. Rachel shares her meals daily and is real and authentic about real change taking time. She is living the food freedom life and freedom means health!

Krista @paleoishkrista

I started following Krista and realized that we had a lot in common when it came to our Whole30 journeys. It’s always inspiring to know someone may be having the same thoughts as you when you’re making big changes. Krista shares her food freedom journey as well as Whole30 and paleo recipes on her new blog and keeps it real in her stories which I always appreciate!

CLICK HERE: for Krista’s blog

Dominique @charlestonfitfoodie

Dominique is a miracle worker! For real though! Dominique spends a lot of her days working as a cardiac nurse saving lives. She sees the need for Whole30 and lives the life herself inspiring others to eat well, drink lots of kombucha and make the best of their time. Dominique is on her way to becoming a certified Whole30 coach and is also one of my besties here in Charleston!

CLICK HERE: for Dominique’s blog

Bailey @paleobailey

I’m pretty sure I can’t say enough great things about this woman! Not only is her transformation inspiring but her down to earth authenticity and transparency has fully inspired me to really take my own blog seriously. She has a big heart and is always sharing what she learns in life…. even the not so great stuff! It’s a breath of fresh air in the healthy living community in my opinion.

CLICK HERE: for Bailey’s blog

Elizabeth @cheerstomyhealth

A fellow military wife, Elizabeth lives on the island of Okinawa in Japan FAR from the bounties of amazon and thrive market. In a whole different part of the world, Elizabeth has used Whole30 to lose 60 pounds, stay sober and continue to get stronger in her garage workouts. Elizabeth is someone I really love following because she also knows that real change takes time and is willing to put in the work!


What Whole30 instagram accounts do you love?

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