Thyme & JOY writing service is a full service ghostwriting company that helps busy food bloggers update their old content and create new recipe posts with the help of trained chef and food blogger Valerie Skinner.

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About Valerie Skinner

👩🏻‍🍳Why choose me to help?

As a trained chef I have been writing recipes for over 10 years. I have extensive knowledge of the food industry, ingredients and cooking techniques by working in many different settings including being the one of the founders and creators of a restaurant in all aspects.

I moved on to start a personal chef business in 2016 and began sharing recipes on my blog Thyme & JOY. As I added more content, I became passionate about SEO and growing using learned strategies. I was able to grow my blog from making $7 per month to my highest month of over $10,000.

I’ve documented my strategy every single month along the way in my food blog income reports where I’ve recently turned my side hustle into my main income stream. 

I’m very passionate about helping other bloggers grow their food blogs by digging into the data, while adding a professional edge to your recipe posts. I contribute information that is technical and sound while catering to your individual audience. I’m also currently enrolled in SEMrush academy to further increase my knowledge on SEO in order to best serve my clients. 

📊How I Optimize Your Content

  • For Old & New Content: I research and analyze your current post or new post topic to figure out what it needs and what it is already ranking for according to a reliable paid keyword research tool (SEMrush).
  • Check the top competitors and look for keyword and information gaps that can be added to your post. 
  • Check Pinterest to see what others are pinning and what keywords are being searched according to that recipe or variations of it. 
  • Choose target keywords and begin to craft your recipe post with all research in mind.

📃What You Can Expect Your Posts To Look Like

  • Description: Keyword rich description of recipe that could also be used as a Pinterest and social media description or caption. Paragraph or bulleted list of what makes the recipe valuable to the reader (ie: gluten free, made in 30 minutes, simple ingredients etc.)
  • Ingredients: A bulleted list of ingredients used with information about them and what they do in the recipe. (This helps with SEO and helps users understand WHY these ingredients are used). 
  • Instructions: on how to make the recipe. Usually an H2 with recipe instructions or process outlined underneath.
  • Headings: Any important H2 headings with descriptions or variations (ie: If you’re making chili a helpful heading would be How To Make Chili In The Instant Pot and explained)
  • Recipe Tips: Explain any helpful tips that will help readers execute the recipe properly.
  • FAQ: I take a broad look at what questions people are asking about the recipe, instructions and ingredients related to it, then answer them using keyword research tools, google and answer the public.

This format subject to change based on the nature of each post.

⌨️How It Works

  • Fill out the simple shared spreadsheet I will provide with the URL of the post you’d like me to update along with other information such as keywords you’d like to target or topics you’d like me to add. New recipe posts will have some additional information to be filled out. 
  • I will work on the post as outlined above and turn over the new copy to you in 5 business days. You will have ownership of the work completely. 
  • You’ll receive the work via shared google document to copy and paste into WordPress. I can upload your posts into WordPress for an additional fee. Each post will be a minimum of 750 words and up to 1200 depending on the topic. 
  • An invoice is sent through PayPal to be paid upon receipt. 

💰Current Pricing

  • $70 – One Brand New Recipe Post or Blog Post Update

Contact me for any questions, work examples and current availability or additional information about the writing service.