Blog Income Report June 2018

Blog Income Report June 2018 : Find out how I made $213.50 through my blog with various strategies.

Blog Income Report June 2018 | Food Blog Side Hustle

Welcome to my fourth blog income report! Overall, I can tell you that my attention to the blog took a little dive off the deep end. I had much less time to spend on it which in turn lead to less traffic which obviously leads to less income.

Obviously I am not making much income from traffic but it is an important lesson to know that less published posts equal less everything. Last month I created 24 posts and this month I’ve only created 11. It makes total sense to me why those who are FT bloggers constantly crank out content and never seem to take a break. A dive in traffic is an immediate dive in income, especially during the summer.

Trust me, it may seem like an easy task, making content once in a while and scheduling it for days to come, but it isn’t. Some days, you just don’t have the energy. But the only way to keep it going is through perseverance and consistency. The most important thing to remember when trying to pursue a side hustle like blogging is that money doesn’t come as an overnight success like in the case of the stock market or casino, for instance. And there is certainly no welcome bonus here like the €10 Deposit Casinos bonus you get in some top-notch gambling platforms. Sure, to keep the money coming you can try other side hustles along with blogging, but to see a substantial income in this particular side hustle, you need to wait. But yes, the result will be worth your patience, as you can see from my earnings.

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Blog Income Report June 2018

Here are some noteworthy things that happened in June:

  • My chef business kind of blew up MORE: If you watch my stories on IG, you may have seen me slowly get stressed out over the volume of clients I am cooking for. On one hand I am so proud of myself for getting to a point where I am able to reach my financial goals I set with it. I also realize that between the business and my passion to turn this blog into a PT income, I lost a little bit of myself. I numbed out into zombie mode and worked a lot leaving little time for the blog. I did what I could but I definitely felt a void in my creative space.
  • I had a mini panic attack about not having enough recipes: I left this point in from last month except I had more of an “acceptance” attack. I knew I needed to strike a better balance with the business so I can do what I love more and accepting that means I have to loosen the reigns in the chef biz. I still don’t know what that means for me but I am trying to figure out the balance!
  • I started seeing social media as a tool instead of a mindfuck: Before I decided to take the blog seriously, instagram kind of ruled my life more than I wanted it to. I took a lot of things personally and it let me to get upset over things that really didn’t matter in the end. Now that I have purpose and intention with my social media accounts, it’s easier for me to not take things personally because in a way things are less personal… except IG stories… I will unload it ALL over there.
  • I finished up my second month with GourmetAds: I still am not seeing great progress with this network and honestly, I feel like I get more with AdSense. I actually did remove a couple ads that were cluttering up my site a bit. I feel like it’s worth it to give up the 3 cents I would make. I am still going to keep it in place for now because it’s all I can get with my beginner traffic numbers.
  • Recipe Development Opportunities: At this point I am continuing to work with The New Primal with a couple different projects including recipe development as paid work. The rest of the recipes I develop with product are unpaid and sometimes are traded for free product. That’s how we hustle for now.
  • I changed the look of my blog: I’ve been waiting for some spare time to change my blog theme over to something that has more of a clean look with more white space and thankfully I had the opportunity to do so. My dream is to have a custom website design, so I’ll probably hire a web design company (like this website design melbourne company) for changing the theme and appearance of my website.
  • I “get it” a lot more: There are so many things that I understand more every month about blogging. I think the most important things I’ve learned lately are:
    • You don’t have to have a perfect blog to make money: if you REALLY want to do this, it’s going to take time and consistent effort with no reward. Don’t let the fact that there are many people doing the same things making the same recipes stop you. People will come and stay for your voice and your spin on things. If you are still unsure or not confident about the blog or business you want to start, coaching programs like Abundance (https://devinschumacher.com/reviews/abundance/) might be of help in creating that entrepreneurial mindset you wish to cultivate. It may seem hard but it’s absolutely worth it when you start working on your own thing.
    • You don’t need a huge following to make money: I thought this for a long time but it’s not true! I see so many others making a decent income that have little social media following. They are good at getting their content out in other ways like top-notch SEO, Pinterest, or other mediums. Of course, having a big following really really helps but it’s actually not really necessary! People could also hire marketing agencies that provide search engine optimization fort lauderdale or anywhere closer to them. These agencies specialize in helping people come up with the right SEO strategy for their company or blog that doesn’t involve relying on having a large following. For me, I would like to have the best of both worlds. Great content-sharing strategies and a following big enough to reach the right people.

Blog Income Report June 2018 | Metrics

Blog posts that were created in June: 11

May Adsense Income: $17.69

May Amazon Affiliate Income: $10.98

Gourmet Ads: $9.83

Recipe Development Projects Paid Out: $175

Hours spent working on the blog: 18 Hours Each Week

Total June 2018 Blog Income: $213.50

I feel like I have gotten enough data to say that this may be my average month for right now. I do know that summertime is a REALLY slow time for bloggers and that things really kick up during the holidays. The cool thing is that I have a ton of summer content to recycle next year to create traffic but it also means I need to get my ass in gear and start creating fall and holiday recipes! That is my goal for July – September!

Until next month!

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