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Sharing my new journey as a food blogger for my side hustle of 2018 | Thyme & JOY

Alright, I am going to lay all of this out on the table with FULL transparency about my food blog side hustle. Why? Because I am incredibly inspired by the fact that I can actually make money using my skills in other ways besides my personal chef gig. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love the business and I am SO SO happy I built something that is a significant chunk of our income but …making money as a personal chef can be interesting. A lot of people think that this fancy luxury service is only for the elite. And while it does require a chunk of disposable income to hire me, I have priced my services to help every day people and go as low as I can even if it doesn’t seem that way. Not only that, but luxury services are the first things to go when people need to save money or they become uninterested or move. Its just life and I totally expect and respect that!

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Every day, I cook at home even on double client days. I love it so much that it’s just life for me. Creating and sharing recipes with you all has been a passion of mine ever since culinary school and honestly, I am no stranger to the blog game.

I actually had a blog called Balancing Val way back in the day when blogging was blowing up. I even started to make the tiniest bit of money from it, but unfortunately left it behind to pursue other things. I look back now and think about what my life would be if I kept that going, but that’s useless because I am here now and ready to move forward.

Making money through a side hustle can be different for everyone. Depending on personal preferences, people may choose to work as part-time freelancers, sell items online, or try sports betting (for instance, place on special best like Single Bet Of The Day) to earn money. A side hustle can also provide people with a way of exploring new things and pursuing their hobbies. At least for me, blogging can be a hobby that I actually wanted to try my hand at.

You may have heard that blogging is dead and to a certain extent, I believe that is true. Blogging was a way to peer into people’s lives almost like watching reality tv. You get connected to these bloggers and feel like you know them. However, with Facebook, Instagram, and youtube, blogging sort of faded out to be a distant cousin even though plenty of people make a living doing it!

You may want to start a blog or figure out how to monetize your talents but look at the ocean of bloggers making tons of money and getting crazy brand deals and think that never could be you! But, the more I think about it and see the amazing transparency of people like Paleo Bailey and Alexis at Fitnancials.

The more I realize that shooting for the moon and landing amongst the stars is still pretty cool. Even if blogging isn’t for you, there are still other methods of making money. For example, a lot of people are investing in different cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum. Perhaps that’s worth doing. By investing, people should be able to trade their crypto to make more money. If this is interesting to you, it might be worth looking at this Ethereum Wallet Vergleich (Ethereum wallet comparison) to make sure you find a good one.

In case, you think you don’t have much idea about the world of crypto, you can look for another alternative. For instance, if you know about gambling, you can try your luck at an online casino. To start with, you can perhaps play live roulette online or blackjack or baccarat, or any other game of your liking.

However, if you are too optimistic about the opportunity blogging brings (just like me) you can still start a blog. Better yet, you consider vlogs. As the name suggests, vlogs are a form of video blogging. It’s always best to start small, but depending on the niche of your vlogs, you may want to check drones like the Air 2S if you’re considering it as a profession (travel, wedding, etc). This is just a suggestion, as vlogging is not as easy as it appears on all of the social media sites.

My Food Blog Side Hustle

Sharing my new journey as a food blogger for my side hustle of 2018 | Thyme & JOY

So, to tie all of this in together about my food blog side hustle, what I am saying is that I want to start pursuing my blog as a side hustle with the intention of bringing in some income to balance out the roller coaster of my main hustle and also to start a new exciting challenge I am passionate about. I know it may not be a lot at first and it may take a LONG time for me to even be able to pay half a bill, but I am going to do it anyway because at 33 years old, I finally know the power of my potential + hard work + luck.

Those three things have landed me some great opportunities as of late and I feel like now is the time to capitalize on my side projects which include this blog and recipe projects with other companies.

I will tell you that EVERYTHING I’ve learned about blogging I self-taught myself a LONG time ago. At this point I have no desire to create a guide or teach how to do this because it’s already been done before and really well.


And so here starts a new series on my side hustle mostly to document for myself and to inspire others to join the other little fishes in the big pond anyway!

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