Blog Income Report January 2022

Blog Income Report January 2022: Find out how I made $6212.71 through my blog with various strategies such as Ad income and affiliate marketing. 

It’s the brand new start of a year! The world is in a really strange place still, and blogging is also following suit. Luckily, due to the formatting changes I made over 2021, January was still a pretty good month for me considering everything.

πŸ“œ 3 Years of Blog Income Reports

πŸ’­ What Happened In January 2022

January RPM’s

Historically, the RPM’s in January are terrible. All of the advertisers have reset their budgets and have much less to spend this time of year. Advertisers are also on edge about HOW to spend their money these days because of the state of the world, supply chain issues, etc.

Even with all of this, I was still able to have a decent RPM. This is because I was under-optimized last year. I’m not sure if it will go up next year.

I also have a site in the health food niche, so I get a lot more pageviews in January. In fact I had nearly 80k pageviews more this month than I did in November. High RPM’s saved me in November and high pageviews saved me in January. It’s just how it is.

Removing The Noise

This month I started thinking a lot about what holds me back from being a BIG site with a lot of traffic. Design and structure aside, it ALWAYS comes down to how much content you can publish.

I tend to overthink every post. I look too deep into the competition, and I spend too much time crafting the perfect post that will rank for a perfectly researched keyword.

This year I’ve decided to throw a lot of that perfectionism out the window. I’m going to write as much as possible because I have a renewed enjoyment for it. I also don’t want to focus too much on extensive research.

I have a lofty goal of how many posts I want to publish each month, but I’m going to keep it to myself for now since I’m queen of changing my mind.

Goals For The Year

I’ve identified a few goals that I want to accomplish this year. Ones that are challenging, but also achievable and work into the flow of my regular publishing schedule as well as running the writing agency.

  • Redesign Site: Like many others, I’m jumping ship on Feast and moving to Kadence. There’s just so much more opportunity for customization and they have a lot more to offer. My plan is to transfer over in Q1 but I need to get some other ducks in a row first.
  • Start sending emails: I’ve been collecting emails for a while now and haven’t done one thing with them. The last email I sent out was over TWO years ago. Email seemed like a huge learning curve but after taking a mastermind with Matt Molen (thanks, Adthrive!) I feel like I can get something going and learn as I go.
  • Restructure Site: I generally want the navigation of my site to be a lot better which means I’ll have to go through and re-categorize things and simplify them so that people know what my site is about. Currently, I am unhappy with how things are structured and how things look so it’s finally time to make some changes.
  • Monetize second site: Our second site is picking up speed and we couldn’t be happier! We have a goal of making it to Adthrive by the end of 2022. This means we need 30k pageviews as that is the threshold for a second site with Adthrive which helps a lot! Currently we’re at about 4k pageviews a month with a site that started in July.


As far as social media, the only platform I am currently active on is tiktok. I have not made it a priority to post as much as I want to, but I did have another semi-viral video in January that gained me 2k followers and some emails from brands that want me to to try things and post about them. None of the brands fit my lifestyle, but it’s a start!

Follow me on Tiktok!

Writing Agency

Things are still going well with the writing agency. I get inquiries fairly often and unfortunately, I’ve had to put some on a waiting list as I need to work with what’s on my plate which mainly includes client work, TJ work, other blogs work, and recipe development for a brand I work for monthly!

βž• Blog Income Report January Metrics

Food/Recipe posts that were created in January: 11

Food/Recipe posts that were republished in January: 0

Affiliate Income: $53.82

Ad Network Income: $6025

Secondary Ad Network Income: $133.89

Sponsored Work: $0

Average hours spent working on the blog: 15 Hours Per Week

Total Pageviews for January 2022: 224,568

Average RPM/RPS for January: $26.83/$29.58

Blog Income Report January 2021 Total: $6212.71

πŸ’— Blog Plans For February 2022

As I said above, I really want to clear out the noise. I tend to think that there is this magical formula that will explode my traffic. I was recently listening to James Clear on a Brene Brown podcast about Atomic Habits. I read the book already, but the podcast brought things back to ground level to me. This kind of work is and will always be a long game. There is nothing that is going to change the trajectory of anything more than a little dicipline and a lot of consistency!

This month I will focus on getting back in the flow of publishing for TJ, second blog, and the other blog we haven’t started on yet. Once the flow is established I will tackle the redesign and continue the list!

I don’t know what this year is going to look like for the blog, but I can only control the consistency which will hopefully continue growth.

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