Blog Income Report August 2022

Blog Income Report August 2022: Find out how I made $6245.84 through my blog with various strategies such as Ad income and affiliate marketing. 

Still chugging along cranking out content in the last month of summer has proven to keep things steady amongst major algorithim updates.

📜 4 Years of Blog Income Reports

💭What Happened In August 2022

Getting Back To Work

After a busy personal month in July, I was ready to get back to work! This month we focused on our small family while getting back adjusted to working with a little less stress.

I continued to crank out as many posts as possible while keeping my sanity which has honestly been hard lately as I have been letting more things fall by the wayside.

August Traffic & RPM’s

Overall, I am extremely grateful and happy that my traffic and RPM’s have stayed steady.

But then there are other times I get extremely frustrated. The stats for this month look very similar to last month when things “should” have gone up according to industry standards.

However, industry is not the same right now. Because of continuing world events, advertisers are spending much less money because everyone is and rightfully so! This also doesn’t include things like the “Helpful Content Google Update” rolling out.

Google also had reporting issues for the last few days of August and at the time of writing this, they still have not been updated or resolved.

This day and age can be defeating for bloggers and I can’t say I don’t feel it myself especially when posting nearly triple the amount I’m used to posting. Even so, it’s not a challenge I will be giving up anytime soon.

750 Post Publishing Sprint

At this point in time, I need to post about 30 posts per month to make my goal of 750 total posts for this blog. Even though I’m nearing the finish line I can definitely tell I am burning out.

My work flow is such that I make sure my client work is done first. Then I move onto my other blogs. This is great except most of my writing energy is used for others instead of my own.

I find myself looking at my writing list towards the end of the week and making excuses to push it off. My first thought is to just throw in the towel and take a break but I really feel like pivoting my strategy would help best in this situation.

For example, I may bring on another contractor to make my quick and easy Q&A type posts and order them in bulk so I can post them and not have to worry about photo shoots etc. I’m still thinking about what I could do but I want to keep going and work smarter and not harder.

Other Sites

Our second blog is about to hit 10k pageviews very soon! While that momentum is incredibly exciting, I must admit I have dropped the ball on this site over the last 2 months.

As explained above, I have limited energy and patience to get all of these things done because of my robust goal. I’m confident I can find a way (and quickly) to keep all of the balls in the air while taking some of the pressure off of myself.

Blog Income Report August Metrics

Food/Recipe posts that were created or republished in August: 36

1Affiliate Income: $60.47

Ad Network Income: $6099

Secondary Ad Network Income: $86.43

Sponsored Work: $0

Average hours spent working on the blog: 20 Hours Per Week

Total Pageviews for August 2022: 199,831

Average RPM/RPS for July: $30.59/$35.29

Blog Income Report August 2022 Total: $6245.84

🍂 Blog Plans For September 2022

Short and simple, I need to rethink my posting strategy to figure out how I can get more out without me being the one doing it so I can spend more energy on publishing instead of the writing process which does take a lot out of me when I also write for others!

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