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5 Easy Thanksgiving Cocktails

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and celebration. There’s nothing like spending time with friends and family with a cocktail enjoying each others company. These 5 Easy Thanksgiving Cocktails are the perfect way to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and can easily be made alcohol-free!

thanksgiving cocktails

We all know that Thanksgiving is all about the food, but its all about the drink, too!

This holiday is a time to gather around and relax and having a Thanksgiving cocktail is the perfect way to start the holiday season. I’ve put together 5 easy Thanksgiving cocktails for you so you’ll never wonder what drinks to serve at Thanksgiving.

These Thanksgiving drinks have the warm holiday flavors of pumpkin pie spice along with real pumpkin puree with a base of apple cider. You can enjoy a glass of punch, or sip on a mimosa, margarita, mojito, or moscow mule!

These festive Thanksgiving cocktails all have instructions for their alcohol-free mocktail options so the whole family can enjoy.

šŸ¹Best Alcohol For Thanksgiving Drinks

If you’re making any of these delicious drinks for Thanksgiving, you’ll need some to buy some alcohol depending on which drink you make.

  • Champagne – For Thanksgiving Punch and Thanksgiving mimosa
  • Tequila & Orange Liquor – For Thanksgiving margarita
  • White Rum – For Thanksgiving Mojito
  • Vodka – For Thanksgiving Moscow Mule

Thanksgiving Punch

This was the first Thanksgiving drink recipe that has been a HUGE hit on the blog with 4.5 ā­’s and over 360 reviews. This fall favorite is best served in a pitcher and can be made with champagne or ginger ale.

This thanksgiving punch recipe has all the flavors of fall and can be made as a cocktail or mocktail. #holiday #thanksgiving #mocktail #cocktail

Thanksgiving Punch Recipe

ThisĀ Thanksgiving Punch RecipeĀ has all theĀ warming flavorsĀ of fall! With a few simple ingredients, you can make a delicious fall punchĀ cocktailĀ or mocktail that will be a crowd-pleaser forĀ kidsĀ and adults at your Thanksgiving dinner feast! Both alcoholic and non-alcoholicĀ instructionsĀ are included.
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fall punch in wine glasses

Thanksgiving Mimosa

A perfect drink to start Thanksgiving morning with, or you can serve it for the whole weekend! Pumpkin puree is mixed with apple cider, and some warming spices and is topped with champagne.

apple cider mimosa

Thanksgiving Mimosa (Pumpkin Apple Spice)

This easy recipe for Thanksgiving Mimosa is the perfect drink to have for your Thanksgiving holiday or Fall party. Apple cider is mixed with pumpkin puree and spices, then topped with champagne for a holiday cocktail everyone will love.
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thanksgiving mimosa

Thanksgiving Margarita

Give your classic margarita a Thanksgiving twist by mixing tequila and orange liquor with pumpkin and apple flavors with a bit of spice. The combination of sweet and sour with citrus flavors makes the best holiday margarita!

thanksgiving margarita

Thanksgiving Margarita

This easy recipe for Thanksgiving Margarita is the perfect drink to have for your Thanksgiving holiday or Fall party. Apple cider is mixed with pumpkin puree and spices, along with lime, tequila, and orange liquor for a holiday cocktail everyone will love.
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thanksgiving margarita

Thanksgiving Mojito

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving where the weather is warm, try making this refreshing mojito! The fresh flavors of lime and mint combine with pumpkin and apples along with rum for a zesty Thanksgiving mojito that’s also warm and comforting.

thanksgiving mojito

Thanksgiving Mojito (Pumpkin Apple Spice)

This Thanksgiving Mojito recipe puts a fall-inspired twist on a classic rum drink. Apple cider, pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice are combined with a standard mojito to make this festive cocktail.
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thanksgiving mojito

Thanksgiving Moscow Mule

thanksgiving moscow mule

This Moscow mule has the fresh flavor of lime and zest of ginger beer that gets combined with pumpkin and apple flavors. Perfect as a cold weather cocktail in November to share with family and friends!

Thanksgiving Moscow Mule (Pumpkin Apple Spice)

This Thanksgiving Moscow Mule puts a pumpkin apple spice twist on a traditional moscow mule. This version adds apple cider, pumpkin puree and pumpkin spices to make a creative, cozy cocktail, perfect for the holidays.
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thanksgiving moscow mule

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