Blog Income Report April 2019

Blog Income Report April 2019 : Find out how I made $1231.17 through my blog with various strategies.

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Hey friends! It’s about that time for another blog income report. I definitely don’t want to jynx it, but it feels like the $1100-$1200 monthly range is sticking around. I’m definitely not mad about it, but I do hope the summer blog slump doesn’t hit me too hard and that I can maintain this level and hopefully grow beyond that.

Honestly though, I truly am scared about what will happen for reasons that I will outline below.

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Blog Income Report April 2019

Here are some noteworthy things that happened in April:

  • Paying my mortgage: For over a year now, my goal was to be able to pay my mortgage using only blog income and I have come SO close. Definitely close enough to say I have met my goal but it makes me wonder about dreaming BIGGER. I’m the kind of person that short-changes my own goals and sets them a bit lower than maybe they ought to be. This has it’s advantages because I usually am able to make these goals, but once I reach them it’s hard to figure out what it takes to get MORE. My next mile marker in the blog income arena was to make a solid $3k-$5k each month by the end of the year, but I really don’t see that happening anytime soon because of the shaky ground of the internet and MAJOR life changes ahead but, we’ll see!
  • Scared of Financial Future: Yes, I am honestly scared of my financial future. I am one that takes SO much pride in contributing financially to our family. So much so that it has become my identity. With having our first child in 4 months AND with all of the changes in social media relating to internet traffic, it’s hard to see just how I will be able to maintain this identity. I question a lot about how I will be able to take on clients and pay for a sitter or daycare. I question whether I will even HAVE clients by then and even though trusting it’ll all work out is what I need to do, it’s not that easy. All I can do is make a rough plan and adjust as necessary. And beyond all of that, I still want to have enough money to be able to afford a little fun every now and then.
  • Being Honest and Unlikeable: I’ve stuck with the theme of being incredibly honest in my social media presence. I feel like it has freed this part of me and I love normalizing things others feel but can be afraid to speak up about. With all the praise I get for this, there is definitely a backlash that comes along with it too. ALL of my numbers have gone down since I started being honest AND talking about pregnancy. At times, things like this hurt even this cold-hearted soul but every time I think about it, I understand that doing the opposite will hurt me worse. I understand that not everyone wants to use their “influence” to be honest and authentic. They play the safe smiley game and if that’s what they really like to do then thats great. I can honestly say that it’s just not me and so I must take the good with the bad even if that means I lose money by not taking on many partnerships and selling something. Respect to me means more at this time with people behind me for whatever I pivot into next.
  • Thrive Market Partnership: Speaking of partnerships, I only have ONE affiliate partnership with Thrive Market. I am really intentional about working with ANYONE because I really don’t enjoy preaching a healthy lifestyle when not everyone can afford it. I’ve ordered through Thrive long before they approached me and even though it STILL is weird to promote ANY company that isn’t myself, I am happy that I get to spread the word even if I don’t make any money. And a note on that: I don’t make any money by talking about it, I only do when others order through my link which I don’t know if that actually even happened yet! 25% off First order and First month FREE
  • Summer is coming: People are about to stop using the internet a LOT more once summer comes. Often times, this is when bloggers usually stock up on posts for the busy holiday season. I plan to do the same at my own pace as once fall hits, we will be a family of 3 and I have NO idea what will happen. I think the theme of this post is . . . . everything is up in the air, just ride the waves as best you can.

A note on the metrics below: All of this is income that was MADE in April. I don’t actually see any payment for this money for about 2-3 months depending on the company paying me.

Blog Income Report April 2019 | Metrics

Food/Recipe posts that were created in April:

Amazon Affiliate Income: $52.89

Mediavine Income: $628.28

Recipe Development Projects Paid Out: $500

Virtual Assistant Work: $50

Hours spent working on the blog: 10 per week

Blog Income Report April 2019 Total: $1231.17

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