Blog Income Report March 2019

Blog Income Report March 2019 : Find out how I made $1120.24 through my blog with various strategies. 

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It’s officially Spring!  In the blogging world, that means that the infamous Q1 is over.  In the blog world, traffic for most bloggers especially in the food and healthy living space drops dramatically due to advertisers blowing their budget on end of year mayhem.  

Luckily, being a health focused food blogger, the resolution crowd balances that out with an influx of traffic, especially with thing like Keto and Whole30 being as popular as it is. 

As for me, I have still been on the downward slope of blogging meaning I have not put nearly as much time into it as I did in the last few months of the year.  My life just hasn’t allowed for that and I really just had to put what was important first and do the best I can with the circumstances as you’ll find out below. 

Even through all of that, I am shocked to see that my revenue hasn’t really dropped all that much which proves that growth over time is KEY.

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Blog Income Report March 2019

Here are some noteworthy things that happened in March:

  • Growth Over Time is KEY: I’ve read a million times over that a post takes about 4-6 months to really start ranking. This may take even MORE time for people like me who have a lower domain authority. I hope you didn’t confuse domain authority with a domain name. To brief you a little, a domain name is simply the name you choose for your website. On the other hand, domain authority is decided by the quality of your content, the number of backlinks, and SEO performance, to name a few factors. My focus here is on the latter. And the point is, posts that I’ve made 6 months ago are FINALLY starting to receive daily traffic.  For some, it isn’t much traffic at all but over time it does grow. I now know that once I put a post out there that I’ve put my all into, I may not see any benefits until half a year later.  The good part of this is that I can share it again later when the season comes back around and it will have a bit more power under it at that point.   
  • Pregnancy Has Been Hard For Me: On my Instagram, I finally shared some honest thoughts about the first few months of my pregnancy. It has been a rocky ride for me filled with fatigue, emotional stress and unknown as well as scary news we received that told us our baby may not be ok. After a lot of crying, depression, and testing, we’re in the clear for right now and I feel like I am on the other side of a nightmare. I feel SO much better now and I have learned so much about myself and the journey we’re about to go on as parents.  One thing I’ve learned for sure is that taking a break and focusing on what is important will not cause everything I’ve worked on to crumble.
  • I dropped out of the Rat Race:  With all of that said above, I felt this ease in pressure to drop out of the “rat race” of the internet game. So many of my friends are becoming so successful with blogging, social media and other aspects of business but I really just can’t!  Not only do I not have the energy to keep up with it all, but this HUGE once in a lifetime (for me) event is approaching in 5 months that will take up SO much of my time. If I miss out on those precious years because I was trying to prove myself respectable by being “popular” and “killing it” I know I would look back and feel really sad about it. I think I’ve truly learned and accepted what it means to stay in my own lane when it comes to the internet world.  It’s ok if I don’t grow fast enough as those around me and whatever opportunities come my way in this limited capacity are good enough. I am not giving up blogging or my internet over-sharing by any means, but I AM no longer in a season of hustling being the only thing that matters.  There will be plenty of time for that later. 
  • I’m enjoying Instagram Much Better: This is mostly because I am not on it as much!  I’ve made a few decisions about how I want to treat that platform and what I came up with is this: I pretty much muted A LOT of stories.  It’s nothing personal, I just find that once I watch one persons, it tumbles into watching 20 peoples stories and all of the sudden I spent 35 minutes of my life watching a mix of ads and things that aren’t always what I need to see. When I am thinking about someone, I go to their page and watch their stories and that’s that.  I’ve also decided that most people that I am friends with on FB that share their IG to it I have muted on one or the other.  This is purely because I am seeing the same thing in 2 places and there is no need. One major thing I’ve changed as I’ve mentioned in my last income post was that I was making it more of a personal place for me.  Not every post has to have great meaning or be a recipe and what’s funny is I get more engagement on the personal posts than a recipe ever would.  I like making it personal again and making sure it’s for me just as much as it is for you. 

A note on the metrics below: All of this is income that was MADE in March.  I don’t actually see any payment for this money for about 2-3 months depending on the company paying me. 

Blog Income Report March 2019 | Metrics

Food/Recipe posts that were created in March: 7

Amazon Affiliate Income: $37.23

 Mediavine Income: $658.01

Recipe Development Projects Paid Out: $375

Virtual Assistant Work: $50

Hours spent working on the blog: 3-5 per week

Blog Income Report March 2019 Total: $1120.24

Well, this report was more about personal updates than it was about actual blogging but that really actually mirrors what my month was like!  

Like I said, I do have a blog coach AND Foodtography school in my current flow (albeit slow) so I will not be giving up on this endeavor that I’ve worked so hard for, I am just finding a way to balance it with my main hustle, pregnancy and time to enjoy the last 5 months with it just being me and Mike and I am totally ok with that! 

Also, I was featured over on YourParkingSpace.Co with a bunch of other people explaining how they make money with their side hustle.  Check it out HERE. 

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