Blog Income Report December 2020

Blog Income Report December 2020: Find out how I made $5329.76  through my blog with various strategies. 

food blog income report 2020

Well, my high income making season is officially over. I made more money this past quarter than I have even when I was active in my personal chef business for this amount of time. I still am forever grateful I can make an actual income from home and not need to go anywhere even though I sometimes crave the connection.

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Blog Income Report December 2020

Here are some noteworthy things that happened in December:

  • I unintentionally worked a bit less: In November and early December I was on a ROLL with cranking out recipes, sponsored posts, keeping up with social media and getting.shit.done! Then the holidays rolled around and although my to-do lists were full, I couldn’t seem to keep up with my workload because of the hustle and bustle and because we had some house guests. I fully intended to work at the same intensity, but I know now that when things are a bit crazy that I need to intentionally lessen my work load to keep from feeling overwhelmed. This is 100% a perk of the job. 
  • The highs and lows: It’s always such a strange feeling for me to see all of my stats climb up starting in September then peak in November and then drastically drop within the following months. I’m a person who really enjoys consistency and it’s not easy for me to get used to having high and low earning seasons. I wish they could all be high but it’s not the way it works with this job! This is all the more reason for me to start working on Q4 in the summer just as I did in 2020. 
  • Chrome Cookies: I think this is the 3rd time I’m mentioning the death of the 3rd party cookie, but this time I am happy to report that I feel WAY less stressed about it. I had a great mastermind blogging chat with Kristina and she mentioned that she looked at exactly how many people used Chrome to browse her sight and it was not as much as she thought. I never even thought to look at this but when I did I saw that only 25% of my traffic comes from Chrome which means that the worst that could happen is I’ll loose 50% of 25% of my traffic. While that is still a significant chunk of money each month, I don’t think I will be giving up blogging anytime soon though I will be diversifying my income this year!
  • Physical Product: One of the ways I want to diversify my income is by selling a physical product on my blog and through social media. I’ve wanted to do this for a while but I could not figure out what to sell. I finally had a really cool idea and hope to launch it by October 2021. I know it won’t be a significant source of income because the profit margins are not great but it will hopefully bring exposure and some sort of authority. 
  • Ghostwriting: The other way I am going to bring in more income is to help out OTHER bloggers writing posts. I’ve said this before but I am finally making moves on this front. Right now I am working with a VA agency with some clients as well as have my own clients. I plan to launch my own services with a specific focus that I believe could be extremely helpful to other bloggers. I really would love to launch this ASAP but I am currently in the midst of a childcare situation where I need to find an additional sitter to take on another day to make this work. Once I am able to secure that, I’ll start sharing more about it. 
  • Financial Friday: Whenever I talk about finances and budgeting on my social media, I get a lot of engagement and questions. Mike and I talked about our financial future and some changes were going to make to be more intentional and I would love to start sharing more content on that front. I realize that I could potentially lose some people that are “just here for the food” but honestly I enjoy talking and learning about it so it wouldn’t really be a loss to me!
  • Big Income Goal: My income goal for my entire business and blog is to make $50k in 2021. This is not too far of a stretch but it’s a stretch enough make it a challenge. To make this goal means I need to take myself seriously and buckle down in some areas. I’m thankful that I could slack and take a week or few days off here and there, but my life this year is a lot more stable and I’d like to contribute to our family goals and also make my brain happy with a greater purpose. Cheers to 2021!

Blog Income Report December| Metrics

Food/Recipe posts that were created in December: 7

Affiliate Income: $182.76

Ad Network Income: $4197

Sponsored Work: $950

Average hours spent working on the blog: 25 Hours Per Week

Blog Income Report December 2020 Total: $5329.76

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  1. Love that I got a shoutout! And your monetary goal for the year is definitely doable. Let’s keep stoking the fire under our a$$es to stay on track. 😉

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