12 Days of Christmas Cheer | FREE Printable

Add some Christmas cheer back into your life by using this 12 days of Christmas cheer free printable. Doing 12 cheerful Christmas activities before Christmas is a fun way to brighten holiday spirits!

Add some Christmas cheer back into your life by using this 12 days of Christmas cheer free printable in the 12 days leading up to Christmas! #christmas #free #printable

After living in Hawaii for Christmas for a few years, it’s amazing how every holiday ends up feeling the same.

Couple that with the fact that I was so far away from friends and family that the Christmas spirit got sucked right out of me.

Once we moved to Charleston we wanted to make sure we were getting in as much holiday cheer as possible which proved to actually be difficult with our busy work schedules.

Knowing myself as a type A organizer obliger, I put together the 12 days of Christmas cheer to help us get into the holiday spirit by doing various Christmas activities that brought that joy right back in.

How does the 12 Days of Christmas Cheer work?

  1. Pick 12 Christmas or holiday activities that you and your family can do together, like playing games similar to the fingerboard (for that, you would need fingerboard obstacles); hosting dinner parties; or even decorating the house.
  2. Write each activity on a square and cut each square out
  3. Fold up each square and add to a jar or a hat
  4. Draw one square each day in the 12 days leading up to Christmas and make sure you do that activity!
  5. By Christmas you’ll be fully in the spirit

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What are some 12 Days of Christmas Cheer Activities?

In the free printable below, I made suggestions of my favorite 12 activities to do every year, but feel free to change them to whatever suits your joy:

  • Watch a Christmas movie
  • Make a gingerbread house
  • Set intentions or goals for the New Year
  • Drive around and rate holiday light displays
  • Get a holiday Starbucks drink
  • Buy a new ornament for the tree
  • Sing a Christmas Carol
  • Buy a stocking stuffer
  • Make Christmas cookies with a new recipe
  • Make a Christmas cocktail or mocktail
  • Make a cash, food or toy donation
  • Write a Christmas card for a loved one

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