Blog Income Report August 2019

Blog Income Report August 2019 : Find out how I made $1729.33 through my blog with various strategies. 

blog income report august 2019

As I write this I am 39 weeks pregnant, it’s Labor Day and there has been a mandatory evacuation in South Carolina for hurricane Dorian which we are not leaving for. August was a really weird month for me!  I worked my personal chef job for the first 3 weeks while blogging in between and I have been “off” since the 23rd on maternity leave. 

I spent a LOT of time on the blog this month but all of that work is going to show up sporadically through the next couple months.  In essence it didn’t really feel like I was doing much because my traffic and engagement was MUCH lower than previous months.  I admit to feeling a bit rushed and burnt out!

I’m hoping it will pick up again since people are cramming in last minute summer adventures and school starts in random parts of the month, but we shall see!

Past Blog Income Reports

Blog Income Report August 2019

Here are some noteworthy things that happened in August:

  • I hit a wall with photography: I’m pretty unhappy with my photography as of late. I was looking through old posts to update and I found that some of my iphone photos were way better! I’m not sure if I’m just burnt out from rushing to get some recipes done or if I need to invest in more props and surfaces but it’s really frustrating.  My plan IS to invest in better stuff after the first couple months of newborn life.  I also am going to hire a professional to come over and show me exactly where I should be setting up my surfaces and what settings to use etc.  I don’t want to just be good at this, I want to be great because I really want to set myself apart and count on this skill for the future.  I’m hoping by taking some time off and using my camera to photography my baby that I will be re-inspired. 
  • Engagement is DOWN: I am aware that this is super ironic, especially since I am the first to take public social media breaks, but this one kind of bit me in the ass. Obviously instagram favors ACTIVITY and that is not what I was keeping up with at all.  When I made my return I had lost over 400 followers AND my engagement went down horribly.  I get the engagement of someone with 7k followers and I have 18.5k.  It’s hard to say if this matters or not. There are SO many others dealing with the same issue and I think it is largely to do with the fact that IG is making changes in order to push users to boost posts.  And since you could do it for $1 per day, so many others are doing it which proves them right. I’m going to keep on posting a mix of food and personal stuff regardless of what happens because it’s what I like doing, but it’s clear that most of my efforts need to be focused on the blog and SEO. 
  • I’m Addicted to My Phone: The above was so much more apparent to me because I became addicted to my phone again.  This time though, I am not beating myself up about it. I realized that I am going to be home A LOT in the next couple months with my baby and I have to be honest and say that being on my phone is going to be a part of me connecting to the outside world.  At first I was bitter about that, but I realized that there is nothing wrong with that.  After that short season, I WILL start having a routine again and I will be able to put my phone down more and focus more on life.  Until then, I am giving myself permission to give myself as much phone time as possible so long as it’s not messing with my brain. 
  • Ad Income Low:  Ok, so this is going to sound petty but my ad income this month was under $1000.  It was under by less than $20 but it kind of worried me. In my head I set a threshold of making a MINIMUM of $1000 on ads that really wanted to stick to for now on. This data is really interesting to me because now I see that summer really is way lower than usual, but I thought July was going to be worse.  I can’t wait to see what Q4 brings so I can plan for the future. 
  • And Speaking of The Future: I heard a powerful quote on a podcast that really stuck with me. If you can make $1000 a month doing something, you can make $10k a month doing that thing. It made me think about how much time I spend doing 4-5 different things “ok” instead of 1-2 really well.  I am ready to leave the scrappy start-up version of this blog behind and really start focusing on quality in all aspects.  I have a huge list of things I need to do when I am ready to turn this into a business that can support my share of the bills and more. I actually can’t wait to spend more quality time here and have some better valuable content in store.

A note on the metrics below: All of this is income that was MADE in August.  I don’t actually see all payment for this money for about 2-3 months depending on the company paying me. 

Blog Income Report August 2019 | Metrics

Food/Recipe posts that were created in August: 8+

Amazon Affiliate Income: $68.79

 Mediavine Income: $988.59

Recipe Development Projects Paid Out: $500

Virtual Assistant Work: $50

Brand Partnerships: $122.15

Hours spent working on the blog: 15-20 per week

Blog Income Report August 2019 Total: $1729.33

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