Blog Income Report May 2022

Blog Income Report May 2022: Find out how I made $4759.04 through my blog with various strategies such as Ad income and affiliate marketing. 

This month I made some changes to the back end of the blog and also continued with my major publishing sprint and started to see traffic slowly start to climb back up!

📜 4 Years of Blog Income Reports

💭What Happened In May 2022

May Traffic & RPM’s

If I’m being honest, its still really hard to look at the list of income on these reports and see things go backwards. There have been SO MANY changes in the blogging world and the world in general. I still believe that those who fight, adapt, and weather the storm will be rewarded!

My RPM/RPS was incredibly similar to what it was last month. This is because my traffic started going up a little more than halfway through the month. I was surprised to make it over $4000!

Traffic was also wonky because of the way it picked up at the end. My pageviews for this month were about 15,000 higher than last month which is a much more positive change than the 40,000 lost in the previous month. I attribute the change in traffic to the two points below.

Core Web Vitals

My core web vitals previously went to yellow for a while so I naturally just ignored everything. Then after I changed my theme they went to red. Very quickly after I noticed my rankings and traffic dropping pretty harshly. While I figured it could also be an algorthim update, I had a feeling something on the back end was off.

I searched around for someone to fix my CWV and it was pretty expensive! After toying around with the cost I figured that it was worth the $400 spent to bring that back ten-fold and more.

I think it worked! I’ll never know for sure since there have been so many algorthim updates in the last two months, but I know this must have played a big factor in it because the day that Charles (from my host WPOPT) said it was finished, my traffic was 1.8k pageviews higher and it continued to grow and stabilize.

Publishing Sprint

I am working SO DAMN HARD to press publish as many times as possible. If you read last months post, you know that after a big client dropped off of my writing roster, I decided to take the risk and use that time to work on the blog. I am just now after 4 weeks starting to see the rankings and things are looking good!

So much of this business is as much about volume as it is about quality. I stopped looking at this blog from the lens of a social media driven food blogger and started seeing it as a real business.

I had an extremely lofty goal to get to 1000 published posts by the end of the year. When I calculated how many posts I needed to do that (80 per month) I knew that just wasn’t possible unless I had the financial resources to pay for more help. So I lowered that stretch goal to 750 posts by the end of the year.

Even though that still seems like a lot and I probably wont realistically make it, having the goal at least for now is keeping me motivated. And for this crazy brain of mine, I need to do what works for as long as its working.

To reach 750 posts by the end of 2022, I would need to publish 37 times per month. This month I published 27 posts and next month I’m on track to make that goal so we will see what happens. Even if I slow down or stop for a short period time, it’s still a major win!

Blog Income Report May Metrics

Food/Recipe posts that were created or republished in May:

Affiliate Income: $73.71

Ad Network Income: $4599

Secondary Ad Network Income: $86.33

Sponsored Work: $0

Average hours spent working on the blog: 30 Hours Per Week

Total Pageviews for May 2022: 139,926

Average RPM/RPS for April: $37.42/$32.87

Blog Income Report May 2022 Total: $4759.04

🏖️ Blog Plans For June 2022

My plans for June are to stay efficient with my time. At the time of writing this (June 1st), I’m already scheduled until the 12th! If I keep going at this pace I will be starting on July posts in a week from now which seems crazy to me!

My other blog with Kristina is also starting to take off with over 6500 pageviews this month. It will be a year in July. The name of the game is steady and slow work with targeted research. Stretch goal is to qualify for Adthrive by the end of the year (with a second site threshold of 30,000 pageviews) but even if we make it halfway . . . still yet another win!

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