Blog Income Report June 2020

Blog Income Report June 2020 : Find out how I made $1867.85 through my blog with various strategies. 

June was a really hard month for me physically and emotionally. It’s been about 3 months since we’ve really gone anywhere or had any true fun or connection and it is definitely wearing on me in a lot of ways. Couple that with the extreme work we pulled together to get our house ready to sell and a pending move on the horizon makes for a lack of time and energy for blogging. Even with all of this, I am so impressed that I was able to make more than I have in previous months, especially for a slow time. June has been my highest income since January and I have done the least work on the blog this month since then. 

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Blog Income Report June 2020

Here are some noteworth things that happened in June:

  • I barely blogged at all! WE’RE MOVING!! We knew this was a strong possibility and now it is finally reality. After months of searching, Mike got a great job offer a few states away that we couldn’t turn down. We’re very excited to move to an area where there is more to do albeit a much higher cost of living. After the job offer was accepted, it was time to sell our house. We had a huge laundry list of things to do to get it ready and we busted our asses for 3 weeks during which time blogging was NOT a priority. It all paid off because we sold our house in 36 hours! Check out the vlog I made on our Skinner TV YouTube channel all about it. 
  • Zero Instagram Activity: I feel like I am constantly taking breaks from Instagram for many reasons, but this break was totally not planned. Long story short, for a while I felt like I was forcing myself to post as much as I was before having James. I kept trying to keep up and ultimately kept falling “behind”. Seeing everyone else in a position I wanted to be in but wasn’t in was hurting too much. Not only that but I feel like the politics of it all got out of control. During the height of the protests I felt like there was nothing I could do right and ultimately I decided that the people I follow on Instagram 100% do not dictate how I should feel or what I should post about or what I should be bullied into posting about. My journey starts at home in my own hows and I was just so OVER everyone that made me feel like shit for many different reasons. The best thing for me to do was cut myself off once again. I realize how damaging this could be to someone who makes her income online right now, but my mental health is much more important. I honestly don’t know if and when I will be “back” and even then I may just stick to the food. I haven’t thought things all the way through and I probably won’t for a while. In the meantime, I am going to try and start posting more on Youtube because it’s much more enjoyable to me. 
  • Blog Makeover Pivot: In my last update, I was super excited to announce that the blog was getting a little makeover! After scheduling things out and hiring someone, I’m sad to say that things fell through on their end. I really am trying to be sympathetic to the personal situation that happened there, but it really sucks as it was over a month completely wasted. I thought hard about what the reason was for this and decided to take a shot at changing my blog theme myself to fix a lot of the issues. I switched my theme, spent a few hours updating the aesthetic and it looks SO much better and costed less. I still would like some branding and logo work done and I am in contact with a few people now about it, but it’s not completely necessary right now and overall I am happy that I took matters into my own hands and made it work somewhat. 
  • Traffic and RPM’s Increasing: With cases increasing, people are still online more than ever this summer. Advertisers are putting money back into their budgets and because of that, I was able to see a nice increase in RPM’s and even a little bit of traffic. I know in July this will taper off until September, but I feel confident about the direction and will hopefully have a fruitful rest of 2020.
  • Adthrive Continues To Be A Great Decision: So far, I am extremely happy with Adthrive. I do miss the community that Mediavine has but I can’t express how important it was for me to make a better financial decision. I am so excited to see what the future brings with this ad network! 
  • Setting Expectations for Work In Q3: At the time of writing this, it is July 1st. We officially have 1.5 months to find a place to live and move out. That seems ok except Mike is not allowed to leave the state with the military restrictions and so we have to look and find a place VERY close to our move out date which is very stressful. In the meantime, I need to get the house packed and as ready as I can get it which is not proving to be easy with a growth spurting, sleep regressing and teething 9 month old. I am EXHAUSTED already. With that said, I need to keep things light with the blog and have very little expectations of what I will be able to accomplish in the next couple months. Realistically, I probably won’t be able to get back on a true schedule until September or October and even then we won’t have any childcare which will throw a wrench into everything. I just have to hope that the work I have done preparing for this up until now has been worth it and will pay off for the rest of the year. 

Blog Income Report June | Metrics

Food/Recipe posts that were created in June: 4

Amazon Affiliate Income: $57.85

AdThrive Income: $1710

Virtual Assistant Work: $50

Sponsored Work: $0

Affiliate Income: $100

Hours spent working on the blog: 2-5 hours per week

Blog Income Report June 2020 Total: $

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