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Whole30 Coffee Guide | Tools and Products

Its true, you actually can drink coffee on whole30. In this Whole30 coffee guide are some tools and products to make your healthy coffee transition a bit easier.Whole30 Coffee Guide | Tools and Products

How to drink coffee on whole30 is a question I get a lot. A lot of people don’t realize that you CAN in fact drink coffee on whole30 resets because there are a lot of diet and lifestyle programs that take it out completely.

Here is the lowdown straight from the source:

Yes, you can have your coffee. You’re welcome. You can drink it black, add unsweetened compliant nutpods, coconut milk, almond milk, or add cinnamon or vanilla beans to the brew.  But remember, Whole30 guidelines exclude milk, cream, non-compliant milk, and added sweeteners—including stevia (more on that below). 

Tip: Regarding “Paleo” coffee creamer… sigh. We know there’s a recipe out there where eggs, coconut milk, dates, and some voodoo magic are combined with prayers to create a thick, creamy concoction that can take the place of your cream and sugar (or Coffeemate) and once again transform your undrinkable black coffee into sweet, dreamy caffeine. We REALLY don’t like this, and would encourage you to take a look at why you need this at all. Do you really like coffee, or are you drinking it for the hit of sugary flavor?

So yes, you can drink coffee! But for those of you coming into a sweet sugary creamer filled coffee world like I was, it can be hard to make the transition. In this post, I want to show you the tools and products I use to drink coffee on Whole30.

Whole30 Coffee GuideDrink coffee on whole30


  1.  Get yourself an electric tea kettle: Seriously, this is one of the best purchases we made in 2017. We use a french press for our coffee so boiling water is a BREEZE. Not only that, but it helps quickly heat up water for tea, hard boiled eggs and even when you’re doing things like steam cleaning the floor.
  2. Milk Frother: I know there are a lot of fancy ones on the market, but the stick frother we bought on amazon is life changing. Just make sure you heat up your compliant milk and then froth away before adding your coffee. It makes the experience and the ritual that much more special, I promise!
  3. Stainless Steel Mug: theres nothing like going through the effort of making an amazing frothy brew and then having it become cold while you’re getting ready or taking care of kids. Invest in a stainless steel mug so you can make that feeling last as much as possible! I invested in my YETI mug and I use it every day!


  1. Nutpods: the king of compliant coffee creamers busted onto the scene recently and made a HUGE wave in the Whole30 community. That’s because it’s so damn creamy! This product is made from almond and coconut milk and comes in 3 different flavors unless its fall time and you are lucky enough to swipe some of their Pumpkin Spice flavor. Get ready!
  2. Vegan Pumpkin Spice Creamer: A Whole30 compliant pumpkin spice creamer made by yours truly!
  3. Califia Farms Better Half: this creamer is a similar mix of coconut and almond but I find it to be slightly more creamy than nutpods which is awesome in my book. It also froths really well when heated and is unflavored so it can be added to foods like homemade curry.
  4. New Barn Almond Milk Unsweetened: This is my favorite milk of all time! I used to make almond milk literally for a living and although I love the fresh taste of it, its definitely a labor of love. The newbarn makes almond milk that literally tastes like you made it yourself and even separates in the bottle which is how you know its minimally processed. The FLAVOR though is incredible and has a slight sweetness that I am obsessed with.
  5. Collagen: I cycle on and off collagen fairly often these days, however I do add it to my coffee on occasion. It adds a little protein boost to your coffee as well as all of the benefits collagen can give you. BONUS: it helps with the creamy frothy-ness! My favorites to use are: vital proteins, further food, bulletproof
  6. Vanilla Bean Sea Salt Ghee: Ok, so ghee in your coffee may not be your thing, but I love the taste of butter and especially butter that is infused with vanilla. Adding a half tablespoon of this to my coffee makes my coffee richer and provides some satiety and comfort. Plus it tastes even better paired with the milks above.
  7. Coconut Milk or Cream: its true! You can actually use canned coconut milk or cream in your coffee. Make sure it’s compliant and also make sure you blend well as it will separate.
  8. Vanilla Bean Powder: vanilla extract is not allowed on the Whole30 because it contains alcohol, lucky for us vanilla bean powder does not contain alcohol and could be added to anything! When I’m not drinking ghee in my coffee, I’ll sprinkle some vanilla powder and cinnamon in my frothy coffee for a warming mug of deliciousness.
  9. Coconut Powder Creamer: this is also an option for those missing their cream. Coconut milk is dehydrated into a powder and can be mixed into your coffee. These creamers are best blended and you may need more of the product than you think to get the same taste as you would adding coconut milk.


And that’s it! Plenty of ways you can drink coffee on Whole30 without hating your morning.

What’s a good coffee combination you’ve tried? 

**this whole30 coffee guide contains affiliate links 

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  1. I agree with you on the Nutpods! However, the Bulletproof Coffee method works best for me– two tbls of ghee, a tsp of Brain Octane coconut oil and cinnamon sprinkled on the grounds before I pour on the hot water. I have a stick blender and use that for the coffee. Very creamy! I can’t wait to try your IP ghee recipe, I really don’t like the commercial stuff.

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