Blog Income Report April 2021

Blog Income Report April 2021: Find out how I made $2802.24 through my blog with various strategies. 

blog income report april 2021

Even though I’ve been at this for years, I seem to always get stressed out when things take a dip in traffic and income.

Then, I see that I made $203.17 at this time 3 years ago and it makes me trust that keeping at all of this is absolutely worth the long game!

📜 3 Years of Blog Income Reports

💭What Happened In April 2021

Google Updates: Even though traffic went down at the beginning of the month, things finally started growing back to February levels but this wasn’t all good. Even though my rankings increased on a lot of posts, my clickthrough’s were lower. This is because of some algorithm changes that google made which took some of my top posts out of the snippet results which people seem to click more than scrolling down. There’s really not much I can do about this except to create more which I’ve been doing!

Pinterest Traffic: I did something I never thought I’d do and purchased Tailwind again. A combination of deep research as well as continuing tanking numbers led me here. Since Pinterest likes fresh content and I’ve been creating a lot of it, it seemed like a good opportunity to get a bunch of pins out into the world that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to do myself.

Is it working? Honestly, it’s hard to say right now since traffic and engagement across the board is pretty low, but I do see some scheduled pins that get a good amount of engagement so I will keep with it and report back.

Ghostwriting Business: Things also slowed down on my freelance work. This is partly because bloggers have less money to spend this time of year, but it’s also because I am pivoting in a direction that requires me to do this a bit less. I won’t share the details yet, but are you really surprised things are changing?

RPM Slump: This month I’ve become really focused on increasing my average RPM levels. I don’t think my RPM is necessarily bad. It hangs out in the $20-$25 most of the time which is great this time of year considering last year they were hovering in around $17 though last year is a weird time to compare to. For reference, my seasonal RPM’s aren’t great either. This has 100% to do with the fact that my top posts of the season have low RPM’s due to the nature of the content (alcohol). So my goal is to boost up everything else by reformatting and updating older posts while continuing to create a better user experience that keeps them on my site longer.

Rebranding: After I had my audit with #jeff, he gave me a lot to think about when it comes to my niche. When it’s all said and done, this blog contains recipes that are mostly healthy and mostly cooked using kitchen gadgets. So, although I’ll keep making other recipes, it seems like a smart idea for me to rebrand as a website that caters to healthy recipes using kitchen gadgets that get food on the table fast. I still have a lot to think about what that looks like, but for now having a direction helps a lot!

Accountability: This month Kristina and I decided to ramp up our content creation to match the goals we set and it’s been super motivating and a great learning experience. Building wealth with blogging as your asset is NOT EASY. There’s so many reasons and excuses to give up. So many times it feels like you’re working into an abyss. In April, I published ELEVEN new posts and republished and updated another 4. Not every week is great but it’s all the more reason to keep going.

Blog Income Report April Metrics

Food/Recipe posts that were created in March: 11

Affiliate Income: $47.27

Ad Network Income: $2729

Sponsored Work: $0

Average hours spent working on the blog: 20 Hours Per Week

Total Pageviews for April 2021: 126,545

Blog Income Report April 2021 Total: $2802.24

🌺 Blog Plans For May 2021

As of right now, it’s hard to feel like I’m going to reach my goals for this blog and beyond. This is partly due to a bit of a rough workweek and also because it’s hard to see ahead when all metrics are slowing down a bit.

Even though there is SO MUCH to do when it comes to keeping everything in check for growth, I do know that the backbone is and will always be CREATING MORE CONTENT. Like, a lot of it. I really need to think about how many posts I need to be writing to get to my goals and figure out how I’m going to execute it while still being a mom, wife and happy person!

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  1. This is such a wonky time of year, but we have set out some really big, but ATTAINABLE goals this year. We’ve just got to keep doing the work, keep pressing publish, and keep moving forward. Can’t wait to see where we are next year!

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