Blog Income Report July 2020

Blog Income Report July 2020 : Find out how I made $1926.55 through my blog with various strategies.

blog income report

As I write this, I am currently sitting in the kitchen of Mike’s grandmothers house in Georgia. After an insane month of July we are FINALLY almost on the home stretch of this move. Mike has secured a good job in Virginia post-military that is close to DC.

We have purchased a house in northern Virginia and will be moving in soon! We need to start looking for a move management company and finish packing up all our stuff. It is going to be hectic, but I am also very excited about it! After all, it is a new adventure, even if there is a little trepidation due to these uncertain times we’re in.

The hustle and bustle of selling a house and buying one at the same time in the middle of a pandemic has really left so little time for blogging. There are so many things to get done while moving house, from hiring a moving company, taking possession, hiring cleaning services to clean the place before we move our things in, and then figuring out the details of the house. But with all that going on, I could not be happier to have this source of passive income in my life that I am able to walk away from at any time.

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Blog Income Report July 2020

Here are some noteworthy things that happened in July:

  • I published 2 Recipe Posts: Yep, that’s it! I honestly didn’t think I would post any at all, but I somehow was able to knock out 2 summer grilling recipes that I’m pretty happy with. Not only that, but I was able to pull them together pretty quickly which means that my photography skills are starting to have a nice rhythm to them as well as all of my other processes.
  • Zero Instagram Activity: I STILL have not peeped at my Instagram account. At this point I think it’s been about 2 whole months. I honestly don’t miss it and I feel like my traffic has not been affected by this at all. I do feel the itch to start back at it again but my intention is to mostly use it for business purposes and make it less personal as that is what got me into a bit of mental trouble in the first place. I know that if I keep it inactive I would be missing out on opportunity for collaboration with brands. I’m still working out how to find a healthy balance with it but I know I won’t be there until things have settled a little bit in our new home.
  • Traffic and RPM’s: I figured that July would be my absolute worst month but it really hasn’t been much to my surprise. I attribute this to my new theme update as well as the overhaul I’ve done on Pinterest. I’m finally starting to see the work I’ve done there start to pay off and am excited to see how it pans out over the next few months so I can nail down my final strategy.
  • Setting Expectations for Work In Q3 & Q4: Like I said before, we have quite a bit of settling to do in our new home; there are still some belongings that need to be moved to our new house. With Mike’s transition into civilian life and James’s almost one year old now, sometimes I feel like regular life is also a lot of work. Maybe I can look for last minute movers austin (or one in my old neighborhood) to get everything shifted to our new place without me putting in a lot of effort. Then I can finally carve out my own routine to work and get some time to myself despite not having any type of childcare. Once mid-September rolls around I will be taking an inventory of the time I have vs the work I want to get done to maximize earnings even though I’d prefer to be able to hit the ground running on these things over the summer.
  • $500 More Per Month: It occurred to me upon looking at all my reports lined up that I am making an average of $500-$600 more per month than I was at this time last year. If every year keeps building on itself then this will continue to be a profitable business venture, especially with the increase in earnings from switching to AdThrive as well as a continued effort in SEO and Pinterest. I cannot stress enough the importance of SEO in growing the online presence and reaching just the right audience. Given its significance, many reputed SEO firms, such as this SEO Agentur Venio, for instance, are turning up to help bloggers and businesses alike to tie all the loose ends and rock the world that’s present online.
  • Personal Chef On The Back Burner: Unfortunately, our new home doesn’t seem to have a great market for any personal chefs so I will have to come up with something different as far as another source of income. While James is still young, I would like to work from home if I can and so my thoughts are that I will maybe start offering ghostwriting services to other food bloggers as I feel like I’ve got a good handle on SEO and am always willing to learn. It’s something I enjoy doing and I’d like to give it a shot. So, if anyone is reading this at all and wants help writing recipe posts. I also have a thought about recording my posting process as well as Pinterest process as a learning tool I could sell to help others. If anyone at all has made it this far and is interested in my help, feel free to email me!

Blog Income Report July | Metrics

Food/Recipe posts that were created in July: 2

Amazon Affiliate Income: $65.55

AdThrive Income: $1861

Virtual Assistant Work: $0

Sponsored Work: $0

Affiliate Income: $0

Hours spent working on the blog: 1 hour per week

Blog Income Report July 2020 Total: $1926.55

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