Instant Pot Cream of Asparagus Soup

Instead of grabbing a can of cream of asparagus, grab the ingredients to make Instant Pot Cream of Asparagus Soup! This rich and velvety asparagus soup is perfect for special occasions, but it’s just as enjoyable as a meal on its own. Dairy-free and vegan modifications included.

cream of asparagus soup in a bowl

There’s no better way to showcase seasonal fresh asparagus than blended into a profoundly aromatic and delightfully creamy asparagus soup. This homemade Instant Pot cream of asparagus soup recipe is made with a short list of wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients that pressure cook to perfection in 30 minutes.

This satiny soup is the BEST during the cooler spring months when asparagus is in season, but it’s also suitable to make in the off-season -especially when asparagus is on sale.

The rest of the ingredients in Instant Pot Cream of Asparagus Soup are easy to modify precisely to your preference. For a dairy-free and vegan version, you can use oat milk or coconut milk to achieve a luscious, creamy texture.

It’s also an excellent option for keto and is perfect for paleo and Whole30 with minor modifications. Even the asparagus naysayers agree that this homemade cream of asparagus soup is impossible to resist!

💗 Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • It’s quick and easy. This is a great recipe for Instant Pot beginners.
  • It’s packed with fresh, green flavor and mouthwatering aromas.
  • This homemade asparagus soup is SO much better than its canned counterpart.
  • The ingredients are versatile and easy to adapt for special dietary restrictions (dairy-free, vegan, paleo, and Whole30)
  • It is delicious, enjoyed hot or cold.

🧾 Ingredients You’ll Need

  • Asparagus – Look for blemish-free, bright, green asparagus spears with firm, compacted tips. If you can find white asparagus, by all means, toss those into your pressure cooker as well.
  • Avocado oil – Or olive oil to coat the bottom of the pot and sweat the veggies.
  • Onion and garlic – When this duo of aromatics starts cooking, expect your home to smell amazing. They deliver a deep, rounded flavor to the soup.
  • Salt & black pepper –To improve the natural flavors.
  • Lemon juice – The acid elevates every flavor and deepens the citrusy undertones. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is key.
  • Broth – For the liquid portion of this soup, use a flavorful vegetable or chicken broth. Chicken bone broth is also an option.
  • Heavy cream – Heavy cream is added at the end for that silky smooth mouth feel.

🥣 How To Make Instant Pot Asparagus Soup

1️⃣ Saute onions. Add avocado oil to the inner pot of your Instant Pot, and set it to SAUTE. Add the onions, and cook until soft and translucent.

2️⃣ Saute asparagus & garlic. Add the asparagus pieces and garlic, season with salt and pepper, and cook until the asparagus begins to sweat.

3️⃣ Combine with broth. Next, pour in the broth and lemon juice, and give everything a good stir.

4️⃣ Cook. Secure the lid, and set the pressure valve in the SEALING position. Manually program the IP to cook on HIGH pressure for 10 minutes (it will take at least 5 minutes to preheat before the timer starts). When the timer stops, immediately manually release the pressure.

5️⃣ Puree. Then, carefully remove the lid and use an immersion blender to puree the ingredients directly in the pot.

6️⃣ Season and serve. Stir in the heavy cream (or vegan substitution) and adjust seasonings to taste. Garnish with your choice of toppings and serve hot or chilled.

👩🏻‍🍳 Chef’s Tips

  • Spring is the best season for local asparagus, but it’s relatively easy to source imported asparagus year-round. What’s most important is that it’s fresh. The stalks should be sturdy and able to stand up straight. The asparagus is past its prime if the stalks are floppy and wilted.
  • To properly trim asparagus, grip both ends of one spear and bend until it snaps at its natural breaking point. Then, use the trimmed spear as a guide and trim the remaining spears with a sharp chef’s knife. You’ll also want to cut the asparagus into smaller pieces for this soup.
  • You can puree the soup with a high-speed blender if you don’t have an immersion blender.
  • If you prefer a chunky textured soup, pulse the soup leaving bits of asparagus whole.

🥔 Variations

  • Make dairy-free – To make vegan cream of asparagus soup, make this with vegetable broth and a creamy unsweetened plant-based milk alternative like oat milk or soy milk. Coconut milk works as well, but it may add a subtle coconutty taste.
  • Add other vegetables – Feel free to sneak in more veggies like new potatoes, celery, cauliflower, celeriac, parsnip, green peas, zucchini, and spinach.
  • Fresh herbs – Add another element of fresh flavor with fresh herbs like parsley, basil, cilantro, dill, tarragon, or thyme.
  • Toppings – This creamy soup is even better when garnished with something crunchy. Croutons, toasted breadcrumbs, dehydrated mushrooms, bacon crumbles, crispy fried onions, parmesan cheese, nutritional yeast, pepitas, toasted pistachios, and sunflower seeds are great options.
  • The finishing touch – Add a pinch of red pepper flakes and drizzle a finishing swirl of extra virgin olive oil, truffle oil, avocado oil, or pumpkin seed oil over the top of individual servings.

🧊 Storing & Freezing

Storing: Let cool, then keep refrigerated in a glass, airtight container for 3-4 days. Reheat leftovers in a small pot over medium heat or enjoy chilled.

Freezing: After cooling completely to room temperature, ladle the asparagus soup into freezer-safe bags, lay flat, and keep frozen for up to 3 months—Thaw in the fridge before reheating.


Can I make this with frozen asparagus?

The flavor won’t be as vibrant, but frozen asparagus is a suitable substitution when asparagus isn’t in season. To make cream of asparagus soup with frozen asparagus, thaw the veggies in advance and dry them very well.

Can I make this on the stovetop instead?

Yup! Heat oil in a large pot over medium heat, then saute the veggies in the same order as instructed. Add the broth and lemon juice and bring the liquid to a boil. Then reduce the heat, cover, and simmer until the asparagus is very soft. Blend with an immersion or high-speed blender, stir in cream, and serve.

Why is my asparagus soup stringy?

Larger, thick asparagus spears tend to be more fibrous than thin spears, giving the soup a stringy consistency. This also happens if the asparagus isn’t trimmed correctly. The woody, pale end will not soften like the rest of the vegetable.

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cream of asparagus soup in a bowl

Instant Pot Cream of Asparagus Soup

Instead of grabbing a can of cream of asparagus, grab the ingredients to make it from scratch in your pressure cooker. This creamy asparagus soup is excellent served as the starter for a big holiday meal, but it's just as satisfying as a meal on its own with crusty bread.
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Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Pressure Cooker Preheat Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 8
Calories: 148kcal


  • Instant Pot pressure cooker
  • Immersion Blender or high-speed blender


  • 2 pounds asparagus trimmed and cut into 1/2-inch pieces
  • 1 teaspoon avocado oil
  • 1 cup yellow onion diced
  • 2 teaspoons garlic minced
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • ¼ teaspoon black pepper
  • 6 cups vegetable broth or chicken broth
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice freshly squeezed
  • 1 cup heavy cream or a creamy unsweetened non-dairy alternative like oat or coconut milk


  • Add avocado oil to the inner pot of the Instant Pot, and set it to SAUTE. Add the onions, and saute until soft and translucent (5-7 minutes).
  • Add the asparagus pieces and minced garlic to the pot. Season with salt and pepper, and saute for 2-3 minutes.
  • Pour in the vegetable broth and lemon juice, and stir to combine.
  • Secure the lid, and set the pressure valve to the SEALING position. Cook on manual HIGH pressure for 10 minutes. When the timer stops, manually quick release the pressure.
  • Use an immersion blender or high-speed blender to puree the soup until creamy.
  • Stir in the heavy cream, and adjust seasonings to taste. Garnish and serve hot or chilled.


Calories: 148kcal | Carbohydrates: 10g | Protein: 4g | Fat: 11g | Saturated Fat: 7g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 3g | Cholesterol: 34mg | Sodium: 1298mg | Potassium: 294mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 5g | Vitamin A: 1671IU | Vitamin C: 10mg | Calcium: 54mg | Iron: 3mg

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