Blog Income Report January 2021

Blog Income Report January 2021: Find out how I made $3805.58  through my blog with various strategies. 

food blog income report january 2021

January is always such a strange month for a “healthy” food blogger. Traffic is usually super high because of everyone searching for recipes relating to diet, but the RPM’s are historically low due advertisers blowing their budgets on the holiday season.

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Blog Income Report January 2021

Here are some noteworthy things that happened in January:

  • Traffic almost as high as November: This month my traffic wasn’t much less than my highest month of the year. This is a good sign for me because it helped me realize that my traffic wasn’t just coming from a handful of posts and that it has potential to keep growing during other times of the year.
  • RPM’s Terrible: My average RPM for January was $16.99 which was pretty terrible comparative to the near $32 range during the holiday months, but that’s just how it goes!
  • Side Hustle: During January, I continued to work with 2 ghostwriting clients to help boost my non-blog income and to test the waters and learn before jumping into offering this as a service (spoiler alert: it’s March when I’m writing this and I totally did!)
  • Chrome Cookies: Now that more information is out about third-party cookies and I’m establishing other forms of income, I am so much less worried about the impact this will have on my income. Yes, it will still sting but it won’t be a detriment to the business . . . hopefully.
  • Physical Product: I had such a great idea for a physical product that I wanted to sell this year and I sought out a graphic designer who I respected. Unfortunately he totally fucked me over and didn’t take my work seriously and it left a bad taste in my mouth. I still haven’t thought about if/when I want to pursue this but I’ll come back to it some day.
  • #JEFF Audit: I finally got the results of my audit with #jeff and I can confidently say that my website wasn’t in too bad of shape at all! Sure, there were things on the back end that needed some quick fixes and I still desperately need a redesign, but overall the work I’ve done on SEO has paid off and I’ve weathered the google core updates pretty well up to this point.

Blog Income Report January| Metrics

Food/Recipe posts that were created in December: 3

Affiliate Income: $114.58

Ad Network Income: $3391

Sponsored Work: $300

Average hours spent working on the blog: 10 Hours Per Week

Blog Income Report December 2020 Total: $3805.58

I’m very excited for a fresh start and to see what an entire year looks like with Adthrive as my ad management company!

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