Blog Income Report June 2023

Blog Income Report June 2023: Find out how I made $7064.00 through my blog with various strategies such as Ad income and affiliate marketing. 

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💭What Happened In June 2023

Summer Brain Work Flow

Summer is in full swing and despite the usual “summer slump” my traffic and income have increased since last month! I attribute this to working a little bit smarter on things lately as well as posts from last year finally gaining traction.

What hasn’t gained traction? My brain. I seriously CANNOT get out of the motivation slump I’m in with work since coming back from our trip in May. Last month I alluded to the fact that this is the first year I don’t feel sick like I have the past 3 years from a chronic illness and that remains to be true. I truly don’t think I’ve realize how much that whole period of time weighed on my soul. Not just the physical part, but the obsessing about work and blogging. All of that has felt lifted and my brain is trying to make up for lost time by doing other things.

While this isn’t bad, I really need to put some more measures in place to capture my motivation to capitalize on it while its high. For me, this means I need to start waking up really early again which I don’t mind but also doing things like packing up my work bag the night before and heading to a coffee shop before I settle into the comforts of home.

Although this site has carried me through all of this time, there are some big plans I still have for it along with the “other sites” I have and I need to get more disciplined so I can spend more time enjoying life outside of the screen.

Increased Traffic

May was a really concerning month for me. My traffic steadily went down along with my RPM. That coupled with the future feeling a bit rocky made me think about other options for work if needed. I never want to feel like that and hopefully I never will!

Luckily, the update adjusted and my traffic and RPM’s seemed to have increased. I have some reasons for why I think this happened but one of them was a smart decisions from the past of making posts that related to BBQ content for the summer.

Photo Backup

Even though I’m not posting as much as I’d like to, I have continued writing quite a bit. I have a huge back log of posts ready to publish but no photos for them. For the past year, photos have been my kryptonite. I have rarely taken out my camera but I really need to get it back into my routine because I know I’m sitting on a goldmine of posts that could help my bottom line if I just broke out the camera more.

Pinterest Increase

I quickly saw in a Facebook group last month that Pinterest is “working” again. When I looked at my stats, I found that to be true! While a lot of people jumped ship on the platform after they made a bunch of changes, it was still a big traffic source for me so I kept up with the bare minimum. I’m glad I did because the algorithm can change at anytime for the better. When digging in further, it STILL looks like the most traffic is from older posts but some new ones gain traction every once in a while.

Updating Posts

Speaking of Pinterest, I have a lot of posts that do well on Pinterest but nowhere else. I used to just leave them alone but have since decided to update them as well. One of the things I’ve done this month is do a “value optimization” on posts that are performing well but can definitely perform better. This includes taking a full look at the UX as well as adding more links, answering more questions, making a video etc.

Each update post takes well over an hour if not longer but have proved to be worth it! One good thing about updating a post is that the results (if any) happen quickly. I often forget the strategy of updating because I am too focused on creating new content, but I’ve since changed this and try to do a major update on one post a week.

July Plans

My summer has been much more busy than past years and there’s no stopping it during the next couple months. While I want to allow flexibility in my schedule and brain, I’m vowing to get up a bit earlier to work on client work so I still have some motivation to work on my sites. Bonus points if I get to a coffee shop!

My plan is to continue posting 3-4 times a week on this site along with an update once a week at least. My other site with only 14 posts is starting to gain some traction (300 PV’s a month) and this proves to me that it’s a good niche to double down on so I will try and work on that more as well.

When the weather starts to cool down again and travel starts to slow down, I can hopefully pack more blog work into my schedule alongside client work for a really good Q3-Q4!

Blog Income Report June Metrics

Food/Recipe posts that were created in June: 14

Affiliate Income: $90.35

Ad Network Income: $6888

Secondary Ad Network Income: $85.65

Sponsored Work: $0

Average hours spent working on the blog: 10 Hours Per Week

Total Pageviews for June 2023: 228,728

Average RPM/RPS for June: $30.11/$34.68

Blog Income Report June 2023 Total: $7064

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