Blog Income Report November 2021

Blog Income Report November 2021: Find out how I made $10554.88 through my blog with various strategies such as Ad income and affiliate marketing. 

november 2021 food blog income report

This November I made a HUGE goal of mine since I started this blog. In one month I was finally able to hit 5 figures just in ad income. I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it, but here we are!

πŸ“œ 3 Years of Blog Income Reports

πŸ’­ What Happened In November 2021

Huge Income Goal Met

When I first started blogging, I’ve heard of people raking in big monthly numbers and figured I would never get there. As the years went by and I kept putting in the work, it seemed like a five figure month was possible for me at least one month of the year.

November is food blogger super bowl. And while I don’t focus much on seasonal recipes, I do have one that always does really well. I was expecting that post to continue to do well but I was also expecting to get heaps of traffic from other posts I’ve done and my big reformatting RPM project.

In the beginning of the month, things weren’t looking great. There was a big core update and there was also lingering issues with Pinterest screwing over small creators. But somehow, I ended up reaching this goal and I’m super grateful!

Google Core Algorithm Update

Even after a huge month, in this industry you can’t really get comfortable. Nine days before black Friday, google announced it was rolling out a major core update which can be great or scary depending on how it favors you. It truly is like the hunger games when this happens.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the ones favored along with many other food bloggers. I am lucky that it hasn’t impacted things too bad, but my traffic and rankings definitely went down.

The only real change I see is how SERP results are shown. There are so many new categories and ads. They also seem to be relying a lot on showing results that have video attached.

I do have some big changes I want to make to the blog next year to help create a better foundation and to make this site a much better resource, but either way these updates will continue to happen and all you can do is your best.

To put this in numeric form, last year I had 100,000 more pageviews than I had this year in the month of November.

Social Media

I’ve been away from Instagram for months and months now. I get at least an email or two per week from someone that used to follow me asking if I am ok. I truly appreciate those!

While I don’t think I’ll be going back to IG anytime soon, I am having a lot more fun with Tiktok. I could go on and on about the reasons it mentally feels better, but in the end I am just having fun on there right now with no expectation though there is a lot of potential!

I do miss sharing my food and some parts of my life. Social media was a huge creative outlet for me that I just abruptly let go. These days I’m easing back in while keeping myself in check when it comes to my mental health.

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Second Blog Goal Hit

As some of you know, Kristina and I started a blog together back at the end of July. Or goal was to take the strategies we have adopted and use them on a brand new site. It’s definitely slow to start as we both have jobs, flagship blogs and are moms to kids in the terrible twos. Even though we have limited time to spend on it, our posts and keyword research is very strategic giving us the chance to make every post count.

I’m happy to say that we reached over 1000 pageviews in the month of November. This may seem small, but it is a HUGE accomplishment for a brand new site in the food niche especially since it has so much untapped potential.

Once I get things in order after the new year, I plan to make our site a much bigger priority than it has been to continue to grow it slowly and strategically.

βž• Blog Income Report November Metrics

Food/Recipe posts that were created in November: 7

Food/Recipe posts that were republished in November: 2

Affiliate Income: $317.24

Ad Network Income: $10,168

Secondary Ad Network Income: $59.64

Sponsored Work: $0

Average hours spent working on the blog: 15-20 hours per week

Total Pageviews for November 2021: 276,437

Average RPM/RPS for November: $36.78/$40.84

Blog Income Report November 2021 Total: $10,544.88

πŸŽ„ Blog Plans For December 2021

Even though November was a huge hit, traffic is still down overall. There are many reasons for this but deep down we know that playing the long game and pivoting and adjusting is what counts in this industry.

Case in point; my first income report was for $18 for two months COMBINED and here I am with over $10,000 I never thought I’d have from blogging.

With that said, blogging can sometimes be toxic for me. It keeps me in this space where nothing ever feels good enough. I constantly feel like I’m not doing enough and I also worry that it will all just go away in an instant.

These are normal feelings to have, but I recognize that it’s not healthy to stay there long term. I’ve always felt best about my blog when it was not the main focus of my life. I have my writing agency, but I don’t have much else to take the focus off of the obsessive parts of blogging.

While I still plan to post from my insane backlog of new posts, I will also be taking this month to reflect on how I want to come into 2022 with a more balanced mindset and workflow for blogging. Until then, happy holidays!

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