Blog Income Report August 2021

Blog Income Report August 2021: Find out how I made $6183.80 through my blog with various strategies such as Ad income and affiliate marketing.

food blog income report august 2021

Blogging is truly a roller coaster! This August I am shocked to have still made over $6000 this year when last August I brought in just over $2200. Even though the money is good right now, it was clear that I really needed a break this month.

ÄŸŸ”œ 3 Years of Blog Income Reports

ÄŸŸ’ ­What Happened In August 2021

Burning Out

This month I ran into a bit of blogger burnout. For the last 6 months, I’ve been going really hard with content creation. If this were the only thing I was doing, I may have not felt so overwhelmed, but blogging alongside the writing agency and working for some brands has put a lot on my plate.

From a personal perspective, life was a little bumpy too. There were lots of colds and sicknesses which lead to sleepless nights and unexpected days home from daycare.

I was able to keep up with the bare minimum of client work and whatever other fires needed to be put out, but when it came time for my personal business ventures I just felt burnt out from it all. This was just the time when I wanted to hire an executive ghostwriting service provider, just like top businesses tend to have. At least he could have helped my channel remain active and saved it from the doom of dropping traffic.

Those facing the same, if not similar issues, could utilize online tools or software to help come up with engaging content. The likes of pages such as TheBlogPilot could supply you with the necessary support during those times. There could be times when writer’s block reaches saturation point, or you could run out of ideas, but sooner or later, the engine would have to run and be back on track. Because, without relevance and engagement, traffic on web pages could steadily drop.

Reverse Blogging Season

One of the changes I’ve decided to make in my blogging path was to work LESS during the holiday season. This is contradictory to what a lot of other food bloggers do as they spend Q3 ramping up for Q4.

My blog just doesn’t work like that seasonality wise. In fact, the posts I make 8 months ago are FINALLY starting to gain traction which means that any work I do well BEFORE the holiday season is what really matters.

One of the perks of blogging is that I can make these decisions. I have a trip coming up in September plus the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I’d rather spend my time with my family than continuing at this burnout pace.

Therefore, reverse blogging season has been implemented. I do have a baseline of content and work I’d like to get up each week, but I’ve taken a lot of the pressure off of it. And, even if I don’t reach my baseline, everything will still be more than ok!

Traffic Update

I had fairly steady traffic in the month of August which was surprising to me. Normally, August is a hit or miss month. I’ve been able to maintain my monthly goal of around 150k pageviews per month and hope to set a higher baseline once this year finishes out.

Ghostwriting Business

I’m still working with my core base of clients which has been much more manageable. Someone recently asked me why I just don’t quit the writing business to work on the blog full-time. The reason is twofold.

For one, this aspect of my work keeps me grounded and helps anchor my mind and organize my day. Outside accountability really helps keep me on track with other tasks as well.

And second, this business can be very volatile. As I’m writing this post (in late September) my traffic is actually DECREASING when it should really be ramping up. The amount its gone down isn’t enough to cause for too much concern yet. But, it just goes to show you that I’m not at a comfortable level to drop any other income sources at this time.

RPM Lowering

Even though I have doubled my RPM over the last 6 months, mine will actually begin to drop as the holiday season rolls through. This is because my most popular posts during this time are alcohol posts. Advertisers tend to spend less money on these posts which unfortunately brings my overall RPM down during this time.

I still have high hopes for it being higher than last year. For reference, my RPM for November of last year was $19.53 before I optimized my posts earlier this year so I’m hoping its at least $10 more which could possibly get me to a long term goal of a 5 figure month just from ad income!

New Blog

The new blog with Kristina is still a work in progress, but after nearly 2 months of semi-consistent posting, were starting to gain a little bit of traction! I’m not expecting things to take off for a while, but putting our knowledge together to see what works and what doesn’t is a very interesting process and a great case study for our future endeavors.

â• Blog Income Report August Metrics

Food/Recipe posts that were created in August: 8

Food/Recipe posts that were republished in August: 3

Affiliate Income: $49.30

Ad Network Income: $6063

Secondary Ad Network Income: $71.50

Sponsored Work: $0

Average hours spent working on the blog: 20-25 hours per week

Total Pageviews for August 2021: 150,106

Average RPM/RPS for August: $40.39/$44.63

Blog Income Report August 2021 Total: $6183.80

ÄŸŸ– Blog Plans For September 2021

The plan for September started of strong, but the burnout and fires to put out kept raging. September is also the first month we are taking a full week of vacation since before I got pregnant in 2018!

We also have my son’s second birthday and family coming to stay, so I have decided to make blogging a secondary priority to client work. My posting and shooting schedule is a bit bare for September, but I hope to come back fully refreshed and motivated in October while still balancing family time and fun!

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