Blog Income Report May 2023

Blog Income Report May 2023: Find out how I made $6085.15 through my blog with various strategies such as Ad income and affiliate marketing. 

This month my plans to get back on the grind were hard to achieve! Traffic and motivation waivered but I still feel like I’m in a good place overall.

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💭What Happened In May 2023

May Work Flow

I planned to get back on my game this month and post a lot for each site. We had a trip planned mid month and so I spent the earlier part of the month cramming all my work in, the middle of the month was spent away, and the last part of the month was lacking motivation.

Part of it was because of the perspective I gained being away, but also I saw my traffic drop a lot in the month of April and most of may which kept me in a mental slump.

Either way, I was able to get 14 blog posts up for the month which is a much better number than zero!

Time Away Perspective

This month we took a trip away to visit family in Colorado. It was a big deal for our family as we visited a brand new baby! We even took flights which was something we haven’t done in two years.

Also something we haven’t done in two years was spend a whole week away from our routine. Sure, we’ve done weekend trips and crammed things into holiday weekends, but being away from everything in a place so much different from home allowed us to come back with a different perspective.

For me and work, that meant that I stopped obsessing over results and the future . . . at least for now. I’m not sure where or how the shift happened but things just stopped being so serious to me. I also just started believing that AI wasn’t going to pull me down, it would propel me.

This was a huge belief to adopt because for months and months I’ve felt a bit paralyzed by the future. Now, I don’t know HOW its going to propel me. It may not have anything to do with blogging but I know that I will figure it out no matter what.

Summer Posts

Over the last year I’ve put in a lot of work making some valuable posts that had potential to be popular in the summer. I was very happy to see that some of them are taking off, especially towards the weekend when people have BBQ’s etc.

Memorial day weekend also gave me a boost in RPM which so far has not trickled off. I know a lot of food bloggers use the summer slump to work on the holiday season, but I’ve found that there is value with having content for ALL seasons!

Video Posts

I’ve decided that one thing I was going to try doing was to create more short form video. Not so much for building an audience but for building authority on my sites. Any time I am making something at home, I’ll make a short form video for it and post it across the blog, youtube, and other places. I could use these videos later to build more of a social media presence when the time comes, but for now the purpose of them is to show other connecting platforms that I am a real person writing blog posts and making the things I write about. I feel like this is a low pressure way to continue to build authority without the need to be on camera sharing constantly.

Plan for the summer

I’ll be honest, my brain is fully in summer mode. We have a bunch of trips planned, the weather is nice. I’m feeling much better getting treatment with my mold illness and I really want to spend as little time in front of the laptop as possible!

That means that I am putting a prime focus on my client work above all else. I also plan to continue to try and post 3-4x a week over here and 1-2 posts over on another site. Because of the potential of posting less, I am choosing posts that have a bigger impact on traffic if I can help it.

Blog Income Report May Metrics

Food/Recipe posts that were created in May: 14

Affiliate Income: $117.93

Ad Network Income: $5877

Secondary Ad Network Income: $90.22

Sponsored Work: $0

Average hours spent working on the blog: 5 Hours Per Week

Total Pageviews for May 2023: 189,134

Average RPM/RPS for May: $27.15/$31.07

Blog Income Report May 2023 Total: $6085.15

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