Blog Income Report October 2022

Blog Income Report October 2022: Find out how I made $7890.24 through my blog with various strategies such as Ad income and affiliate marketing. 

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The holiday season + continued publishing efforts are finally starting to pay off!

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💭What Happened In October 2022

New Strategy Changes

October proved to be a good month for the blog. I feel like I am finally on my way to creating a system that’s going to work for me. I have created enough of a foundation that I am now confident in leaving money making opportunities behind to focus on what really aligns with what I WANT to do.

The first step in this was giving up pretty much all social media. There are times where I miss it but overall I do NOT regret having that huge piece of sanity back. Even still, there were other things that I was holding onto in case things went downhill and I have let go of a lot of them.

At this point, even if things go south, I am confident in my ability to figure out how to make it work and find a new path which is an extremely valuable lesson to learn!

This month I worked on setting up a structure that allows me to write *most* of my posts. I hired someone to input them into WordPress which saves me time and mostly energy. It’s so much easier to write something, and move on to look at it later. Sometimes spending too much time on one post will trigger me to waste time on other things and I’m finding that this system is working for me.

It will also allow me to condense my TJ blogging into a smaller chunk of time throughout the week. Over time this will allow me to layer in other projects including working on building other sites and to build out another platform of information.

October Traffic & RPM’s

My RPM’s are never great this time of year but I’ve come to accept that. Due to world events, it looks like they are just down in general compared to last year. There is *some* control that one could have over RPM’s, but not a lot so I try not to worry about it too much.

My traffic however did go up about 23%! Not only are my holiday posts gaining speed again, but it looks like posts from 6-8 months ago are FINALLY earning their places.

750 Post Publishing Sprint (A Life Lesson)

At the time of writing this (November 4th) I currently have a total of 727 posts either published, scheduled, or drafted with the rest in the queue ready to be written. I have just 23 posts to go to meet my huge goal for the year.

Again, I know nothing magical is going to happen when I hit that number. This whole challenge is mostly for me to see if I can actually “do the work” instead of constantly searching for a magic bullet.

I have learned SO DAMN MUCH from doing this. Mostly that the magic really is in consistency and PATIENCE!

We live in a world of instant gratification. So when I post every day I expect results right away and that is simply not the case with blogging for the long haul. But being DICIPLINED when motivation wears off has been a new challenge for me.

I have also come to realize that I have been playing small with keywords. If you look at the data, I am ranking for a lot of keywords which is great but only if the traffic matches. For the last 2 years I’ve gone after low competition keywords with relatively low search volume. This is a great strategy for building a foundation and starting out, but there comes a point where you can see what works with your site and can start going after higher volume. Some people do this immediately and see results, I have been playing small with this for too long.

The next round of 25 posts I have chosen keywords that are at least 1000 in search volume a month. That may not seem like a lot still, but theres always time to go after more.

When I do my research for these, I see who is out ranking me and say to myself, “What’s the point?” . The point is that I will never know how strong my authority is unless I test it out. I could be positively surprised about it. I’m sure I will be!

After the 750 experiment is over, I plan to post 5x a week and not every day. At this point its like brushing my teeth and I’m confident I can keep it going. And even if I don’t reach that goal every week, that’s ok!


Last year at this time I was ready to throw in the towel on Pinterest. The only reason I didn’t was because I have been paying my assistant to continue to post weekly just to keep a pulse on it.

Even though its older posts getting the most traffic, there are still some newer posts that do well. I plan to spend a bit more resources on the things that are working like creating new pins for popular recipes and throwing out an idea pin every once in a while.

The point is that even though the traffic from Pinterest is nothing what it used to be, I’m going to ride the wave until it makes it to shore and maybe it won’t!

Blog Income Report October Metrics

Food/Recipe posts that were created or republished in October: 32

Affiliate Income: $201.96

Ad Network Income: $7581

Secondary Ad Network Income: $107.28

Sponsored Work: $0

Average hours spent working on the blog: 25 Hours Per Week

Total Pageviews for October 2022: 265,005

Average RPM/RPS for October: $28.61/$32.98

Blog Income Report October 2022 Total: $7890.24

🦃 Blog Plans For November 2022

The next two months will be full with holidays, travel, and family time. My goal is to get ahead on as many posts as possible to be able to take time off not just for things going on but for rest. My plan was to take the entire month of December off, but it looks like a better strategy for me would be to try and cram all of my work into Mon-Wed and take the last four days of the week off. At this point I am on track to meet that goal!

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